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Supreme Court paves way for college athletes to get paidThe Supreme Court said the NCAA cannot strictly limit certain benefits for student-athletes as a means of protecting their amateur status, delivering a blow to the organization as it confronts efforts to allow collegiate athletes to receive some financial compensation. Jan Crawford has the story.
Steven Spielberg signs a deal with NetflixAmblin Partners, which is behind Spielberg's iconic films, has produced countless movies — some of which have already gone to Netflix.
Watch: U.S. Navy sets off giant explosion to test USS Gerald R. FordThe U.S. Navy set off an explosion near the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier off the Florida coast Friday. The explosion, viewed from several locations, was part of a "full ship shock trial," which is done near warships to check whether they can withstand harsh conditions. Read more here.
George Clooney, Kerry Washington launch new Los Angeles film school"Our aim is to better reflect the diversity of our country. That means starting early," Clooney said in a statement.
Tornado rips through Chicago after Claudette devastates the SouthTropical Storm Claudette headed out to sea on Monday after killing at least 14 people in Alabama over the weekend, including nine children in a fiery multivehicle wreck. The storm also unleashed a tornado that damaged or destroyed dozens of homes in the state. Nancy Chen has the latest.
Quiara Alegría Hudes on why Washington Heights neighborhood is the true star of “In the Heights”Adriana Diaz returns to her birthplace, Washington Heights, with “In the Heights” screenwriter, Quiara Alegría Hudes The film is about community, and the neighborhood itself is one of the stars of the film.

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Iran's hard-line president-elect refuses to meet with BidenThe White House is saying President Biden has no interest in meeting Ebrahim Raisi, the newly elected president of Iran — and the feeling is mutual. Elizabeth Palmer reports.
Iran president-elect rules out meeting Biden as nuke talks pausedTehran's nuclear negotiator reported "good progress" in talks over the nuclear deal, but incoming leader Ebrahim Raisin may hit the brakes.
Travel surges as Delta variant raises alarmsNearly 1.9 million people took to the skies Saturday and more are expected now that the European Union's 15-month ban on U.S. travel is over. But the contagious Delta variant of COVID-19 is still spreading. Lilia Luciano has more.
TV host Graham Norton on chat show, new novelAnthony Mason interviews TV host Graham Norton, who delights audiences every week with Britain's version of the late night talk show. His sharp comedic timing, unique laugh and effortless ease with guests who chat over drinks on the famous red sofa have made “The Graham Norton Show“ a hit. The eight-time BAFTA Award winner also hosts a radio show and writes. In the spare time Norton somehow found, he has written his third novel, “Home Stretch.”
In Iran's low-turnout election, did freedom find a voice?The hardliner who won Iran's presidency says it was an "epic" vote, but half the country's voters didn't even show up, and it wasn't just because of COVID.
"Matter of days" left for Hong Kong's last pro-democracy newspaperApple Daily has long been a stalwart voice of democratic dissent in Hong Kong, but China is using a new "national security" law to silence any challenge to Beijing's rule.