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In posthumous message, Stephen Hawking warns "what will cripple the Earth"Stephen Hawking writes humanity behaving with "reckless indifference to our future on planet Earth," according to report
American artist accused of stealing from South African photographersPeter Magubane and Graeme Williams both risked their lives to document life in South Africa
"There is no Bob Mueller" in Saudi Arabia, says friend of missing journalistRobin Wright, who has covered the Middle East for decades, says Jamal Khashoggi knew the Saudis "wanted him out of the picture"
In Canada, marijuana is now legalCountry is only the second in the world to legalize cannabis, though Americans will be restricted
Crimea college shooting kills at least 18Russian officials now say a student opened fire at a vocational college in Crimea on Wednesday. At least 18 people are dead, including the gunman. Officials say the attack happened in the ancient city of Kerch in Crimea, a former Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia. Most of the victims reportedly are students. Roxana Saberi reports.
Probe into missing Saudi journalist shifts to Saudi consul-general's residenceThe U.S. mission to find out what happened to Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi has moved from Saudi Arabia to Turkey. The missing journalist was last seen entering a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, and Turkish officials believe he was murdered there. Khashoggi had criticized Saudi Arabia's crown prince, the country's most powerful leader. Holly Williams reports.