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Watch live: Trump rallies supporters in Phoenix, ArizonaThe rally is serving as counter-programming to the Democratic debate.
More test positive on cruise ship as virus death toll tops 2,000Hundreds of passengers stuck for weeks on the coronavirus-plagued Diamond Princess in Japan are finally getting their freedom, even as dozens more test positive.
He has 4 murder convictions. His victims' families don't want him to die.Nicholas Sutton, 58, is scheduled to be executed by the electric chair Thursday.
Redlining is illegal, but some say it's still aroundBeginning in the 1930s, the practice of "redlining" by banks and real estate agents denied many people of color around the U.S. access to home loans. Federal laws now ban such mortgage discrimination, but some housing advocates say it has taken new forms.
Bloomberg anticipates a fight during debate debut in Las VegasBillionaire and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is making his debut on the Democratic debate stage in Las Vegas tonight. He's gained support in recent polls and his opponents are ramping up their attacks. CBS News political reporter Grace Segers and CBS News campaign reporter Tim Perry joined CBSN to discuss what to expect at the debate.
Opera singer Eric Owens on the trailblazer that inspired himFor Black History Month, hear from trailblazers about their trailblazers. Opera singer Eric Owens shares the impact of Marian Anderson, who was the first African American to sing at the Metropolitan Opera. "Without her, I'm not here." Owens currently stars in the new production of “Porgy and Bess.”