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DHS says U.S. on "heightened alert" for Russian cyberattack"Russia's threshold for conducting disruptive or destructive cyber attacks in the Homeland probably remains very high," a new Homeland Security bulletin warns.
Ukraine prepares for possible Russian attackU.S. weaponry is arriving in Ukraine as part of emergency assistance to prevent the possible outbreak of war with Russia. But as Holly Wiliams reports, a Russian battle could involve subversive tactics, including cyber warfare.
China goes to extreme measures to keep COVID under control ahead of 2022 Beijing Winter OlympicsA small COVID-19 outbreak has prompted Chinese officials to test millions of residents in Beijing. The extreme precautions, which are part of the country’s zero-tolerance COVID policy, come as more than 3,000 people arrive for the Winter Olympic Games. Elizabeth Palmer reports.
Pentagon puts troops on high alert for possible deployment amid Russia-Ukraine tensionsThe Pentagon is preparing U.S.-based troops for a possible deployment ahead of any invasion of Ukraine by Russia. CBS News senior White House correspondent Weijia Jiang reports.
Travel expert Peter Greenberg on how to plan for big trips in 2022 amid COVID uncertaintyThe travel website Expedia finds 68% of Americans are planning to "go big" on their vacations in 2022 despite big challenges of flight cancellations and pandemic uncertainty. CBS News senior travel adviser Peter Greenberg takes us through everything from navigating COVID restrictions to purchasing travel insurance to help travelers plan their perfect trip this year.
Dead man reportedly taken to post office in bid to collect his pension"He was alive when we left the house," one of the two men accused of bringing the deceased 66-year-old to the local post office told a newspaper.