Nuke It! New Microwave Rules To Avoid Cancer And Food PoisoningToday, Dr. Oz is revealing everything you need to know about your microwave and the new rules you should be following.  From why you should clean your microwave regularly to the best way to reheat certain foods, we answer your most pressing questions.
Nightmares Decoded: Is It Sleep Paralysis Disorder Or Paranormal Activity?Imagine being held down while you’re asleep by an unseen force, unable to move or scream for help. As many as 65% of people worldwide have experienced this, but is it a medical phenomenon or something darker?
True Crime: Exclusive: The Texting Suicide Case: Conrad Roy's Family On Michelle Carter's Possible Early ReleaseConrad Roy’s suicide sparked a nationwide controversy, especially when his 17-year-old girlfriend Michelle Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to serve 15-months in jail.  It was discovered, through a series of text messages between the couple, that Michelle was urging and advising her 18-year-old boyfriend on ways to kill himself.
Outrageous! Babysitter Horror StoriesToday, Dr. Oz takes a closer look at shocking and outrageous babysitter horror stories caught on tape.
True Crime: Exclusive: Natalie Wood’s Boat Captain One-On-One On The Fateful Night She DiedThe death of actress Natalie Wood is one of Hollywood’s darkest and unsolved mysteries of all time.  For years, everyone has speculated about what really happened on that fatal voyage, and if the others onboard know more than they’ve let on. 
Oz Exclusive: Dog The Bounty Hunter: An Oz Interventionollowing the loss of his wife, Dog the Bounty Hunter suffered his own health scare when he was admitted to the hospital with chest pain and checked himself out against medical advice.  Dr. Oz immediately flew to Colorado to counsel Dog and urged him to get the life-saving tests he needed.
The Chicken Sandwich Wars: Which Fast-Food Sandwich Should You Bite Into?With the popularity and competition surrounding fast-food chicken sandwiches, it was no surprise when Popeye’s newly-released fried chicken sandwich sold out in only two weeks.
Oz Exclusive: The Real Story Behind The Adoption Gone Wrong Of Girl With DwarfismHeadlines about Natalia Barnett have sparked debates around the world: is she a 16-year-old girl abandoned by her adoptive parents or an adult sociopath?  In spite of the controversy surrounding her age, Natalia’s living with a new family who wants to adopt her, Antwon and Cynthia Mans, resulting in legal issues for everyone involved.
Avocado Overload! Have We Gone Overboard With Avocados?Diets like keto and paleo, hype avocados as the fat you need, and between avocado toast, chips, and ice cream, there is no shortage of options to consume them.  Today, Dr. Oz asks the question: have we gone overboard with avocados?
Medical Mystery: Something's Killing MeToday, Dr. Oz investigates two medical mysteries that will shock you. One woman shares her story of survival after a sore throat sent her into organ failure and a seven-day coma. We speak to one of the doctors who raced to find a diagnosis as her family watched her condition worsen.
True Crime: What Happened To Kelsey Berreth? Trial Begins For Her Fiancé Patrick FrazeeThe investigation into missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth revealed a secret love affair with an alleged plot to commit a brutal murder, masterminded by Kelsey’s fiancé, Patrick Frazee, with the help of his mistress.