True Crime: House Of Horrors: What Happened To The 13 Turpin Children?Today on Dr. Oz, an exclusive update about the case of Louise and David Turpin who allegedly tortured and starved their 13 children.  Dr. Oz and crime correspondent Melissa Moore discuss the latest charges against the couple, their decision to be represented separately in court and how the Turpin children are doing today.
Oz Investigates: Microwavable Frozen Breakfast FoodsThe food industry’s overhaul of microwaveable frozen breakfast foods has caused a shift in the way Americans prepare their morning meal.  Everyone’s beloved omelet cups, burritos, and egg muffins are ready in minutes and claim to be healthy but are they just junk food in disguise?
Oz Investigates: Alarming Rise In Mom ShopliftersThe National Association for Shoplifting Prevention reports that there are 27 million shoplifters currently in the U.S.  Interestingly, the majority of people within this alarming statistic aren’t stealing out of necessity but instead describe a feeling of not being able to help themselves. 
Oz Investigates: Fast-Food Pizza Confessions Revealed!Today, Dr. Oz investigates how fast-food pizza compares to the real deal.  Are companies using shortcuts and ingredients that make this comfort food a cheap but unhealthy option?
True Crime: Former “West Memphis 3” Inmate Speaks Out On Life After Death RowDamien Echols’ story has been compared to a real-life witch hunt after he was convicted, along with two others, of killing three young boys and sentenced to die.
Oz Investigates: Grab-And-Go SoupToday, Dr. Oz is uncovering the truth about your grab-and-go soup! 
True Crime: Jodi Arias: Why Her Lawyer Says The Case Ruined His LifeJodi Arias is currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend. 
The Final Days Before Soap Star Kristoff St. John's Death: What Really Happened?Soap opera star Kristoff St. John's sudden death stunned millions of fans around the world.  Today, in a daytime exclusive interview, Dr. Oz speaks to Kristoff's ex-wife Mia about how she is coping since her tragic loss. 
True Crime: Could This Happen To You? When Neighbors Turn EvilWhole wheat breads and muffins are easy to grab on the go, but are there hidden artificial sweeteners in them that are making you gain weight?
Oz Investigates: Are You Being Tricked By Artificial Sweeteners In Foods You Would Never Suspect?Whole wheat breads and muffins are easy to grab on the go, but are there hidden artificial sweeteners in them that are making you gain weight?
How To Survive A Home Intruder And Other Life-Threatening SituationsToday, Dr. Oz investigates if supermarkets are overcharging you for beef cuts. We go behind the butcher's counter to find out if there is a meat conspiracy and reveal the secrets they don't want you to know!