ACLU Protests Catholic Hospital's Decision To Deny SterilizationA spokesman says the company follows the "ethical and religious directives" of the Catholic church.
Michigan Jail Can't Reject Inmate Mail From ACLU, Court SaysThe ACLU filed a lawsuit after it got no response to two dozen letters sent to inmates.
Appellate Attorney: Some Lawyers Push Teens Toward Guilty PleaLaurel Kelly Young, an appellate attorney, said some lawyers push their young clients toward a guilty plea.
ACLU: Michigan Judge's 'Pay Or Stay' Sentence Policy Is Creating Debtors' PrisonThe American Civil Liberties Union is challenging a judge known for sending poor people to jail if they can't immediately pay fines.
Juvenile Lifers: Michigan Ranks Among Top For Sentencing Teens To Life In Prison"There are precious few in the community to help people make the adjustment in the real world."
Attorney On City Curfew: This Is House-Arrest For Tens Of Thousands Of DetroitersDetroit Police Chief James Craig is defending his department's request to extend a citywide curfew for kids ahead of the upcoming River Days festival and fireworks downtown.
Woman Strip-Searched At Detroit Metro Airport Gets $40K SettlementA settlement has been reached in a lawsuit filed on behalf of an Arab-Jewish woman strip-searched at Detroit Metro Airport.
Judge: Parts Of Michigan's Sex Offender Law UnconstitutionalParts of Michigan's sex offender registry law are unconstitutional, including a requirement that offenders stay at least 1,000 feet from schools, a federal judge has ruled.
Ferndale Police Plan Diversity Training; Deny Racial ProfilingFerndale police officers will receive diversity and sensitivity training in the aftermath of an ACLU study.
ACLU Files Suit Alleging Rights Violations At Campus Martius ParkA lawsuit claims two groups were prohibited from marching and leafleting in and around the popular downtown Detroit park.
ACLU Sues Muskegon County Over Jail ConditionsFemale inmates say they faced dangerous conditions and were subjected to male guards watching them shower.
Violence In Ferguson Spurs Interest In Police Body CamsInterest in body cams has grown since the violence in Ferguson, Missouri, ....
ACLU: Why Are Black Motorists Getting Disproportionate Number Of Tickets In Ferndale?Based on a review of department data over a 16-month period, the ACLU says African Americans made up approximately 60 percent of the motorists ticketed by Ferndale officers.
State Gives Up Fight Over 'WAR SUX' License PlateThe state of Michigan has agreed to settle a lawsuit over a restrictive policy on personalized license plates.
Married Michigan Same-Sex Couples Seek RecognitionA lawyer urged a judge Thursday to order Michigan to recognize hundreds of same-sex marriages performed during a brief window in March.