Acromag's New Carrier Cards Interface XMC Mezzanine Modules to PCI Express Bus for PC-based Embedded SystemsAcromag's APCe8675 carrier card offers a simple and cost-effective system that allows a PC to communicate with an XMC mezzanine module over a PCI Express (PCIe) bus.
Acromag's New Ethernet I/O Simplifies Interfacing Discrete Sensors, Actuators With Control/Monitoring SystemsAcromag's new BusWorks XT Series Ethernet I/O Modules interface discrete I/O signals directly to an Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP or Profinet measurement and control system network.
Acromag's New Rugged COM Express Module Carrier Card Offers Full I/O, Mini PCIe Expansion SiteAcromag's new ACEX4405 carrier card hosts Type 2 or Type 3 COM Express modules in a small footprint of only 95mm x 125mm.
New Transmitters From Wixom's AcromagThe Wixom-based industrial electronics manufacturer Acromag Wednesday announced a new series of process transmitters, the TT330 series, that the company says are designed to deliver maximum efficiency while maintaining optimal performance and versatility.
New USB-Configured 2-Wire Transmitters From AcromagThe electronic device maker Acromag has introduced the new TT230 series of isolated transmitters, designed to provide easier installation and setup for manufacturers.
New Module From Wixom's AcromagAcromag Inc. Wednesday announced a new mezzanine module designed for applications requiring a powerful co-processor tightly integrated with Gigabit Ethernet communication or other high-speed serial interfaces.
New I/O Extension Module From Wixom's AcromagAcromag Corp. Monday introduced its new model AXM-75, a multi-function input-output extension module that multiple signal processing functions to a FPGA (field-programmable) processor board.
New PMC Modules From Acromag
New Head-Mount Thermocouple Transmitter From Wixom's AcromagThe latest release in Acromag's new ST130 series of low-cost, temperature transmitters is the Model ST133, an isolated thermocouple-millivolt signal conditioner.
New Computer Boards From AcromagWixom-based Acromag Thursday announced its new VPX-VLX series of 3U VPX FPGA boards feature a configurable Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA enhanced with multiple high-speed memory buffers and a high-throughput PCIe interface, field I/O interfaces to the FPGA via the rear P2 connector with optional front mezzanine plug-in I/O modules.
Wixom Firm Offers New Low-Cost Thermocouple TransmittersThe latest offering in Acromag's new ST130 series of low-cost, temperature transmitters is a thermocouple/millivolt signal conditioner, Model ST132.