Amazon In Detroit: City Council Approves Sale Of 138 Acres At Fairgrounds For $16MDetroit City Council has approved Amazon's plan to create a fulfillment center at the former state fairgrounds.
Amazon Looks To Hire 30,000 More WorkersAmazon is going on another hiring spree with plans to hire another 30,000 workers.
What Companies Benefit From Coronavirus?Amazon and Netflix continue to do well as coronavirus isolates people in their homes, but many other companies have benefited or may soon.
Amazon Erases Nearly 4,000 Seller Accounts, Thousands Of Sanitary Items Price Gouged During COVID-19 OutbreakAmazon is trying to stop scammers from price gouging essential sanitary items.  
Amazon Delivery Delays: Company Prioritizing Medical, Essential Supplies During Coronavirus OutbreakThe online shopping giant says its prioritizing medical supplies, baby formula and other essential supplies.
Amazon Expanding Workforce, Hiring More Due To High Demand, Says Prepare For Delivery DelaysAmazon also wants to hire 100,000 more workers just to keep up with high demand.
Coronavirus Outbreak Causing Dress Shortage: Michiganders Reporting Delayed/Canceled Amazon DeliveriesMichigan dress shop owners say the coronavirus outbreak might be affecting the wedding industry and it's definitely hurting customers. 
Amazon Looking At Lyon Township For Distribution FacilityIf approved, it could bring up to 55 jobs to the facility. 
WARNING: Fake, Dangerous Kids Products Are Turning Up For Sale On AmazonIt was advertised to look like a high end brand, but this car seat is a copycat. Legitimate sellers say it's one of many potentially dangerous kids products sold on Amazon.
First, Alexa Came Into Your Home. Now It Wants To Get On Your BodyAmazon doesn't just want to bring its virtual assistant, Alexa, to your home. Now, it's aiming to have Alexa come with you everywhere, by putting it on your face, in your ears, and even on your finger.
Amazon Plans To Redevelop Pontiac Silverdome Site, Here's What We Know NowPlans to redevelop the 130-acre Pontiac Silverdome into Amazon's fulfillment center and delivery station have been released.