Challenge To Emergency Manager Law Still UnsettledThe Michigan appeals court says a challenge to the state's emergency manager law should be placed on the fall ballot, but it is suspending the decision and wants more judges to take a look.
Ruling On Emergency Manager Repeal Petitions Expected SoonJudges on the State Appeals Court say they will rule as soon as possible after hearing arguments on petitions intended to put Michigan's emergency manager law on the November ballot.
Court Rules 60-Year Child Porn Sentence UnreasonableA federal appeals court has thrown out a 60-year sentence for a former Michigan school official who pleaded guilty to child pornography, saying the punishment is unreasonable.
Appeals Court Reverses Lower Court Ruling Barring City From Entering Consent AgreementThis now opens the door for the city and state to move forward on a Monday deadline in which the financial review team will either recommend a consent agreement or an emergency manager for the city.
Appeals Court Strikes Down $1,100 Jury FeeThe Michigan appeals court has thrown out an unusual punishment for a northern Michigan man who was ordered to pay $1,100 for having a three-hour jury trial.
Ex-Detroit Lawyer Loses Appeal Over 'Ghetto' RemarkA former top lawyer for the city of Detroit who lost her job for describing a local court as "ghetto" has lost an appeal over her dismissal.
Light Sentence Tossed In Child Porn CaseAn appeals court ordered a new sentence Monday for a Detroit-area man who avoided federal prison despite pleading guilty to possessing thousands of images of child pornography.
Court: Pot Law Should Have Been On Detroit BallotThe Michigan appeals court says a judge illegally blocked Detroit voters from considering whether to ease penalties for possession of marijuana.
Man Locked In Ship Bathroom Loses Appeal A Michigan man sued for false imprisonment after he was locked in a ship bathroom for 20 to 25 minutes until the crew responded.
No Rush To Shut Down Medical Marijuana ShopsIt has been business as usual at some medical marijuana shops, even after the Michigan appeals court said card-carrying patients can't sell pot to other patients.
Michigan Workers Win Case Over Health Care CashIt's a setback for Governor Rick Snyder and state lawmakers who want to hike the cost of health care benefits for retired state workers.
Michigan Court Bars Sale Of Medical MarijuanaThe Michigan appeals court says medical marijuana cannot be sold through dispensaries.
Mich. Ban On Race In College Admissions IllegalA federal appeals court on Friday struck down Michigan's ban on the consideration of race and gender when enrolling students at public colleges, saying it burdens minorities and violates the U.S. Constitution.
Ruling Favors Eminem In Royalty Lawsuit
Monica Conyers To Report To Prison Sept 10th