Illinois Seeks Talks On Keeping Asian Carp From Great LakesIllinois says it will work with federal officials and other states on a strategy for fortifying a Chicago-area lock and dam to keep Asian carp out of Lake Michigan.
Asian Carp Found Near Lake Michigan Got Past BarriersOfficials say it's clear the electric barriers aren't enough to stop these invasive fish.
Wanted: New Ideas For Protecting Great Lakes From Asian CarpGot an original idea for keeping Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes? It could earn you some good money.
Live Asian Carp Discovered Near Lake MichiganThe fish was found well beyond an electric barrier network designed to prevent the invasive species from reaching the Great Lakes.
Most Feared Asian Carp Could Feast On Lake MichiganThey weigh up to 100 pounds and could be headed to a lake near you.
Michigan To Offer Prize In Fight Against Invasive Asian CarpThe state plans to offer a prize to someone who can come up with a way to keep the invasive fish out of the Great Lakes.
Agency Delays Plan For Keeping Asian Carp From Great LakesSpokesman Allen Marshall says further coordination is needed with "multiple levels of government" and advocacy groups.
Study: Asian Carp Could Develop Huge Presence In Lake ErieAsian carp could become the most common fish in Lake Erie if the ravenous invaders develop a breeding population there, while popular sport species including walleye and rainbow trout would decline.
Crews Find Asian Carp Closer To Lake Michigan Than ExpectedFederal crews have discovered two Asian carp in the Illinois River, 12 miles closer to Lake Michigan than where others of that size previously were seen.
Asian Carp, Is It What's For Dinner?Start thinking white meat, the other, other, other white meat. Carp.
Legislation Seeks Interim Steps To Stop Asian CarpThe Great Lakes Commission, which represents the eight states and two Canadian provinces that surround the lakes, endorsed the bills and said the proposed changes would not hamper barge and recreational boat traffic on the busy waterway.