Michigan Panel Postpones Vote On Medical Marijuana For AutismThe panel's job is to make a recommendation in favor or against adding autism to the list of conditions, such as cancer, glaucoma, HIV and hepatitis C.
Man Kills Autistic Son In Apparent Murder-Suicide; 'He Didn't Want To Burden The Family'Authorities say a father killed his 20-year-old autistic son before taking his own life because he apparently didn't want to burden the family.
Michigan Considers Adding Autism To Medical Marijuana List"I know parents who are desperate. They're missing out on something that could enhance their child's life."
New Research Shows No Link Between Vaccine And AutismThere's been concern for some parents that vaccines cause autism. Now new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) may ease the mind of parents when it comes to vaccines.
How Gov. Snyder, Lawmakers Are Filling Michigan's $412 Million Budget HoleGov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday plans to sign mid-budget year bills to finalize a plan to tackle Michigan's projected $412 million shortfall in two primary funds that receive about $21 billion annually in tax revenue.
Measles Outbreak: To Vaccinate Or Not VaccinateWith the potential to affect thousands, the recent outbreak of measles in the U.S. has placed a spotlight on a debate that’s raged for years.
Snyder Signs Bill With $5.5 Million For AutismSnyder has signed legislation to take $5.5 million from a state autism fund and redirect it to autism programs at universities and for autism-related family assistance services.
CBS 62's Guide to the 2014 Walk Now for Autism SpeaksCome out and join CBS 62 as we, once again, team up with our friends at Autism Speaks to Walk Now for Autism Speaks - and support autism research and awareness!
Video Of Police Handcuffing Autistic Boy At Royal Oak Middle School Causes ControversyA video that appeared on social media is raising some questions about how Royal Oak Police handled an unruly student.
Mom Accused Of Trying To Kill Autistic Daughter Pleads Guilty To Child AbuseKelli Stapleton and the teen were found unconscious in the family’s van in Benzie County.
Abuse Charges Filed Against Woman For Allegedly Beating Disabled WomanA co-worker of Kadia Konate-Dennard recorded her using a broom handle and extension cord to hit Vera Gossett, who has autism.
Lawyer: Parents Of Student Who Got Stuck In Chair Blindsided By Deal With TeacherThe parents of a Michigan elementary school student who was videotaped while stuck in a classroom chair "have no recourse" but to sue, says their attorney.
Autism: Celebrating Lives And Fulfilling Potential The seventh annual Living with Autism Expo was all about helping people on the spectrum reach their full potential.
Former Red Wing Ted Lindsay's Foundation Makes Big Donation In Fight Against AutismA hockey hall of famer is doing his part in the the fight against autism.
Ted Lindsay Donates $1 Million For Autism Program The foundation of hockey Hall of Famer Ted Lindsay is donating $1 million to a center in Michigan to help children with autism and their families.