Michigan Bag Of Cremated Remains Found On Scottish BeachA bag of cremated remains handled by a company in southwestern Michigan was apparently discovered on a beach in Scotland.
Investigation Underway After 'Suicide By Police' In Battle CreekChief Jim Blocker said that the man ignored "loud and clear" warnings from the officers before pulling a gun from his waistband. Police told the man to drop his gun before shots were fired from both sides.
Police: 19-Year-Old Woman Accidentally Shot By 13-Year-Old Boy After Target PracticeIt happened Monday behind a home in Pennfield Township.
'Battle Creek' Stars Dean Winters & Josh Duhamel, Cracking Cases As They ClashAn odd-couple cop drama with a not-so-buddy comedy streak: That's "Battle Creek," which pairs a hard-bitten detective from the budget-strapped police force in Battle Creek, Michigan, with a golden-boy agent in the flush FBI who seems incapable of making an uncertain move.
'Battle Creek' Opening Musician Brandon Calhoon Visits The CBS 62 StudioBrandon Calhoon was tapped to develop the song for the new CBS show "Battle Creek". He stopped by the CBS 62 studios in Southfield to talk about his career and the importance of music in life.
Man Gets Life, No Parole In Fatal Stabbing Of Gas Station EmployeeLast month, a Calhoun County Circuit Court jury found Shawn Pike guilty of first-degree murder for the July 23 killing of 27-year-old Nicole Gates.
Judge Yanks Bond For Man Convicted Of Making Campus ThreatsThe government says the threat was posted on Feb. 26, the same day the Battle Creek man was convicted of making online threats back in 2013.
Michigan Musician Lands Opening Theme Music For CBS Cop Drama 'Battle Creek'Detroit Music Awards nominated singer songwriter Brandon Calhoon was selected to come up with a song for the show's open and it's been a little surreal for the Beaverton, Mich. native.
3 Dead After Ambulance Collides With Car In West MichiganPolice say 61-year-old Shirley Stokes apparently ran a stop sign and flashing red light late Monday when the ambulance and her car collided.
3 Killed, 1 Injured In Ambulance Crash Near HospitalA vehicle apparently ran a red light while the oncoming ambulance had its emergency lights and siren activated.
New On CBS Primetime, 'Battle Creek'“Battle Creek," a Vince Gilligan-produced drama, follows two mismatched law enforcement officers with polar opposite views of the world and crime-solving.
Battle Creek Barber Has Steady Steam Of Customers In Orange JumpsuitsBennett has learned to cut hair for all ethnic inmates and said he seems to get positive recommendations from the jail inmates.
Officials Mull Criminal Charges In Massive Pileup On I-94State police say they have reconstructed last month's massive pileup on I-94 in southwestern Michigan and are determining whether anybody will face criminal charges.
Michigan Supreme Court Taking Case Of Man Convicted In 3-Year-Old Girl's DeathA Calhoun County judge granted a new trial, concluding his trial attorney didn't do enough to find medical experts to explain the case.
Official: Driver Behavior, Speed To Blame For 193 Vehicle Pileup On I-94"People were driving too fast and following too closely on an icy freeway during a white-out."