Bill's Blog: Caution - Professionals At Work You know how the extra scenes and outtakes from a DVD are sometimes better than the actual movie?
Bill's Blog: Who Would Dump Bar Rafaeli?For whatever reason, Leonardo Di Caprio has broken up with model Bar Rafaeli...again. Can't say that his rebound girl, actress Blake Lively isn't so bad. But she's no Bar Rafaeli.
Bill's Blog: The Nerve! As we're maxin' and relaxin' in our office, someone in The Bullpen yells, "Hey Stoney, some guy set his coffee down on your car while he's on his cell phone.
Bill's Blog: Fat Kid, Skinny Kid Dance OffI can't tell you how many times my friends and I would have dance contests on my front lawn. Who wants to play football or baseball or shoot hoops when you can dance.
Protesters Won't Leave When Capitol ClosesAs many as 150 protesters say they intend to stay inside the State Capitol all night if necessary.
Michigan Senate Votes To End Item Pricing MandateMichigan's law requiring individual price tags on most retail items appears headed for extinction.
New Bill To Battle Asian Carp InvasionMichigan Senator Debbie Stabenow and Rep. Dave Camp are teaming up with environmental experts to fight the Asian carp invasion of the Great Lakes.
Mich. House Passes Bill Eliminating Item PricingThe Michigan House has passed a bill eliminating the practice of putting price tags on every item.
Stabenow Proposes New Incentives For Electric CarsConsumers who buy plug-in electric vehicles could get a rebate of up to $7,500 at the point of sale under legislation being proposed by Sen. Debbie Stabenow.
Stoney, Bill and Tony All Match
More Support For Keeping Control Of Water System In DetroitSeveral Detroit politicians, clergy, and union representatives made a show of solidarity against any takeover of the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department.
Bill's Blog: Blankets Can Be Such A Hassle
Check Out Stoney, Bill and Tony's Old School Hairdos
AG Vows To Fight Asian Carp Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says he'll continue the legal fight to stop the destructive Asian Carp from entering the Great Lakes
Bill And Our Boss Jimmy