Are These The Same Old Lions? Jamie And Wojo Can Give You An Official AnswerJamie and Wojo have consulted with Lions fans and concocted a formula to determine whether or not this season will be another labled "Same Old Lions."
The Greatest Caller Jamie & Wojo Have Ever Had [AUDIO]Mike informed us that his call was fueled be ‘6 to 10’ beers consumed during a day of yard work in his barn. (They have barns in Rochester Hills?)
What Are The Odds Michigan State Wins The National Championship? So it’s officially not too early to start looking ahead to which teams have the best chance to win the first ever College Football Playoff.
The 24 Blog – 10 PM – 11 AM Another season ends. Another clock winds down. And another super-power has Jack Bauer in custody.
The 24 Blog – 9 PM – 10 PM It made me wonder – when’s the last time Jack Bauer had a vacation?
The 24 Blog 6 PM - 7 PM [BLOG]On an episode when daylight turned to dark, you can legitimately argue that 24 got awfully dark.
The 24 Blog - 5 PM - 6 PM [BLOG]If a nuclear bomb ever fell on a city where Jack Bauer was living, we can now safely say that the only things to survive the blast would be the cockroaches…and Jack Bauer.
The 24 Blog – 3 PM – 4 PMTo all the 24 producers and writers who read this blog religiously (Anyone? Hello?) – I have a message for you.
Blast From The Past: Jamie Samuelsen Bobblehead [PHOTO]This is actually the same ratio of head to body that Jamie has in real life.
The 24 Blog - 2 PM - 3 PMBy the time I actually sat down to write this week’s entry, it was well past noon on Tuesday.
Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves…And Rich Rodriguez? [VIDEO]Rich Rodriguez never really fit in in Ann Arbor. But does he fit in in Hollywood?