"A Little Miracle": Once Struggling Church Succeeds In Opening Community CenterHow does a small urban church with a congregation that struggles to pay its bills end up opening a community center that has changed the face of their neighborhood?
Detroit Church Leaders Push 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' Message After Deadly Shootings"Our goal now is to infiltrate and saturate our communities with this commandment."
Pray For The Tigers At Special Service Tonight"Bless you boys" ... literally.
Another Push To Allow Concealed Weapons In Mich. Schools, Churches Another effort is underway to allow concealed weapons in public schools across Michigan after similar legislation was struck down last year by Gov. Rick Snyder.
Bill Allowing Guns In Schools, Churches Moves Through LegislatureA bill that would wipe out most so-called "gun free zones" is speeding through the lame duck legislature, despite some vocal opposition.
Burglars Hit More Than 40 Churches Since AugustAuthorities say burglars have broken into more than 40 churches in mostly rural areas of Michigan and Ohio since August.
Detroit Clergymen Walk Streets To Prevent Crime About 30 Detroit pastors have agreed to take to the streets to help prevent night crimes in their city.
Detroiters Take To Streets In '12 Days Of Action' A vocal group opposed to the proposed consent agreement in Detroit attempted to get into the downtown office of State Treasurer Andy Dillon.
Churches Not Immune From The Foreclosure CrisisJust as many homeowners who borrowed too much or built too big in good times, many churches did the same and are now struggling as collections shrink.
Churches, Others Helping Voters