Will Orr Get Detroit's Debts Lowered? Restructuring Could Make HistoryHood predicted many City Hall watchers will be so caught up in watching the political wrangling they won't notice when Orr gets history-making concessions from bond holders.
Detroit Council Approves Cuts To Mayor's BudgetDetroit City Council voted to approve cuts to Mayor Dave Bings' proposed $1.1 billion spending plan.
Sly Kickstarter Campaign Urges Public To 'Save Detroit'The alleged goal is to raise $500 million to save the city, with amenities like street lights that work every night, an end to school closures, paychecks for police officers, firefighters, and sanitation workers -- and the erection of a Robocop statue.
Report: Childhood Poverty High In Detroit, But Teen Pregnancy Down"Another positive outcome was the decreasing rate of children testing positive for elevated blood lead levels, down more than 75 percent across all age group between 2001 and 2010," the report found.
Numbers Show Obama Didn't Need Detroit, Consultant SaysSteve Hood said: "If all of Detroit had stayed home, Mr. Obama would have still won the state."
Was Detroit's Top Attorney Set Up To Go Rogue?"In all honesty, you know, Krystal Crittendon was pretty much set up. She was told by some council people she had their support to do this," Gary Brown said.
What's Next In Detroit's 'Rogue Attorney' Case?Wading into the complicated situation, Detroit's celebrated Rev. Marvin Winans called the Charlie Langton Talk Radio 1270 morning show to defend Crittendon, saying she just stood up for what she believes.
The Budget Crisis Is Not Just About DetroitPeople don’t want taxpayer money going to save Detroit but I don’t think there should be any choice in the matter. It's time to take a deep breath and do what it takes to help the city.
Charlie Langton: Snyder Says Europe 'Looking At Michigan In A Positive Way'Does Michigan's strong union culture ever come up overseas?
As Detroit Budget Shrinks, So Does Charles PughLet us know: With those guns, is Charles Pugh better armed for financial battle -- or is he wasting time on self-promotion when he should be focused on the city?
Snyder Appoints All-Star Cast To Review Detroit's FinancesUnder the emergency manager law, a financial review team must report its findings to the governor within 60 days.