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Study: Healthy Diet Improves Depression In Young AdultsNot only did eating a healthy diet for three weeks improve depressive symptoms in college-aged young adults, but those who continued the diet for three months kept their improved outlook on life, according to a small randomized trial on diet and depression.
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Teenage Boy Goes Blind After Existing On Pringles, White Bread And French FriesEating a diet of French fries, Pringles and white bread was enough to make one teenage boy lose his sight, according to a case study published in a medical journal.
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Farm Animals May Soon Get New Features Through Gene EditingCows that can withstand hotter temperatures. Cows born without pesky horns. Pigs that never reach puberty.
Meat-Free Burgers Contain More Salt Than Real BurgersMeat-free burgers contain high levels of salt -- exceeding recommended limits, finds a new survey into the salt content of vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat.
Study: Yogurts Deceptively High In SugarMost yogurts have deceptively high levels of sugar, with organic yogurts among the worst offenders, a new study warned.