Florida Woman Reunited With Long-Lost Dog Found In Metro Detroit [VIDEO]"Everything's just the way we left it; we've just picked right up where we were."
Internet Craze: If A Dog Wore Pants, How Would He Wear Them?There is one last silly internet craze for 2015 and it's a simple question. If a dog wore pants, how would he wear them?
Man Shot To Death Defending Neighbor's Dog From Being KickedA southwestern Michigan man has been shot to death during a confrontation with a man who was kicking a neighbor's dog.
Detroit Firefighters Save Dog From House Fire With Help Of Humane Society [VIDEO]The dog is now ready for a new home after recovering from smoke inhalation.
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Video Released, Reward Offered In Case Of Dog Left Chained Behind Walmart"Apparently, the dog had gnawed its own foot off in an attempt to escape from this cable that was holding it."
Think Twice Before Putting A Puppy Under The Tree"A dog is a serious commitment, and you should never surprise someone with a puppy they aren't ready to keep for a lifetime."
Detroit Firefighters Rescue Small Dog, 4 People From Burning Home [PHOTOS]Detroit firefighters have extinguished a blaze a home on the east side where four people and a small dog were trapped inside.
Dog Plays Dead When Picked Up By Stranger [VIDEO]Have you ever seen a dog this smart?
Man Teaches Dog To Fetch Him A Beer [VIDEO]"Bandit, I'm parched!"
Vet: Owners Warned About Dogs Before Fatal Mauling A veterinarian told a Lapeer District Court judge that she warned the couple that the two cane corsos "were very aggressive" after they tried to bite her during a routine examination.
Chrissy Teigen's Game Ball Eaten By Her Dog [PHOTO]Has your dog ever eaten something that meant a lot to you?
11 Things Tour De France Riders Won't Stop ForThe 101st running of the Tour de France began Saturday, July 5th and will run through Sunday, July 27th. In total, the finishing teams/riders will have traveled 2,276.7 miles (3,664 kilometers) on their way to a chance at victory.
Dog Wants Statue To Play Fetch [VIDEO]Dogs really are the best.