From The Impossible Burger To Beyond Sausage: Inside The Meatless Fast-Food CrazeThe rise of meatless meat is one of the most significant changes to hit fast-food restaurants, causing a consumer frenzy.  The plant-based alternatives claim to recreate the juicy, taste of meat, but are they healthier?
Caught On Tape: Disgusting Supermarket Behavior That Will Outrage YouSurveillance footage of people touching, spitting, and even urinating on the food we buy and feed to our families is making headlines across the country.
Oz Exclusive: Dog The Bounty Hunter On Grief And Loss After The Death Of His Wife BethDog the Bounty Hunter, became a household name when his first reality show about chasing down criminals premiered 15 years ago.
Oz Exclusive: Wendy Williams One-On-OneToday, an intimate conversation with Wendy Williams about how she’s called on the “Power of 1” to overcome life’s challenges and truly gain her freedom.  After a tough year, Wendy is opening up to Dr. Oz about living with a chronic and painful disorder and how she is making her health a priority.
True Crime: Never-Before-Heard Details In The Jeffrey Epstein ScandalThe controversy surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s trial, incarceration and death has captured the nation.  The allegations against the billionaire have unearthed countless alleged victims and could incriminate some of the world’s most elite politicians, celebrities, and even a member of the royal family.
Very Personal Oz: The Signs Dr. Oz Missed That His Mom Has Alzheimer’sIt’s the premiere of Season 11, and Dr. Oz is opening up like never before about his mom’s shocking Alzheimer’s diagnosis and the signs he missed.
Is There Actually A Whipped Topping Dr. Oz Approves Of?Today, Dr. Oz settles the debates once and for all and answers all of your pressing health questions.
True Crime: Btk's Daughter On The Shocking Discovery Her Dad Was A Serial KillerDennis Rader was a soft-spoken family man and church leader who was hiding another identity as the notorious BTK serial killer.  He is currently serving consecutive life sentences for terrorizing a town in Kansas and the murder of 10 innocent people.
Oz Investigates: Is There A Microwave Popcorn Cover-Up?The popcorn industry has been under increased scrutiny throughout the years, especially when headlines surfaced linking the ingredients in microwave popcorn to illnesses like lung disease and cancer.
True Crime Exclusive: "I Accidentally Killed Jonbenet" - A Prison Confession?For 22 years the world has wondered, who killed JonBenet Ramsey?  Today, in an Oz True Crime exclusive, Dr. Oz interviews Michael Vail, who believes his high school friend, Gary Oliva, who called him the night JonBenet was killed and claimed to have harmed a little girl, is the man responsible.
True Crime: The Disappearance Of Susan Cox Powell: Her Family Members Speak OutToday, Dr. Oz gives the latest updates on the case of missing mom Susan Cox Powell, whose cryptic video messages have left many to believe her husband Josh was to blame for her disappearance.