Boxes Scrawled With 'Take Back America' Left On Family's DrivewayVulgar graffiti was spray-painted on the driveway and a phrase disparaging Mexicans was painted on the boxes.
How Trump And Clinton Can Improve Their Business Credit ScoresNav Head of Market Education Gerri Detweiler finds room for improvement in the credit reports of The Trump Organization and The Clinton Foundation.
Tim Kaine Speaks To Carpenters And Millwrights In Warren, Rally With Supporters In TaylorTim Kaine will speak to the Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights in Warren Sunday evening.
Posting Ballot Selfies: Personal Choice Or Illegal Act?Laws nationwide are mixed on whether voters can legally take "ballot selfies."
Michigan GOP Plans To Remove Official Who Won't Back TrumpThe Michigan Republican Party is planning to remove its grassroots leader for her refusal to back Donald Trump in the presidential election.
'Trump Folks Throwing Everything At The Wall They Can Think Of,' Says EMU ProfThere will be one more chance for the presidential candidates to make their case to the undecided.
Residency, Trade Deals Shape Michigan's Top 2 House RacesThe state's mostly hotly contested congressional race has seen a barrage of negative TV ads that accuse Democrat Lon Johnson and Republican Jack Bergman of not really residing full-time in the 1st District.
Michigan Voter Registration Deadline Is TuesdayMichigan residents wanting to vote in the Nov. 8 presidential election have one last day to register.
EMU Prof: Not A Matter Of If, But When Hillary Brings Up Trump's 2005 Video"... it' not a matter of if, but when Hillary Clinton will bring up the disturbing video."
Trump Vs. Clinton: How Our Presidential Nominees Organize Their CommunitiesFiverr Global Head of Community Brent Messenger explores whether the 2016 election will disrupt everything we know about community building.
Clinton, Trump Battle Fiercely Over Taxes, Race, Terror In First Presidential Debate [VIDEO]The debate was heated from the start, with Trump frequently trying to interrupt Clinton and speaking over her answers.