Eminem's Hometown Set To Host 8 Mile's 15-Year AnniversaryIt was back in 2002 when the movie '8 Mile' premiered at the Bel Air Luxury Cinema in Detroit. And on November 8th, 15 years after its premiere -- the red carpet will be rolled out once again.
Van Gundy: By Including Eminem In Opening Night, Pistons Made StatementEminem's inclusion in the Pistons' opening-night festivities came just a week after he ripped Donald Trump in a freestyle rap video.
Surprise Guest Eminem Fires Up Crowd Before Pistons Opener [VIDEO]The Pistons responded to Eminem's rousing appearance, racing out to an early lead over the Hornets.
Lions React To Eminem's Bashing Of Donald TrumpArguably no one in hip hip -- or pop culture, for that matter -- has come at Trump harder. 
Eminem Looks To 'Stomp' Trump With Lyrical Tirade [NSFW VIDEO]Eminem has unleashed a lyrical tirade against President Donald Trump, saying he "came to stomp."
Eminem's Producer Trolled The Internet Saying His New Album Is FinishedWhat a disappointment, but leave it to a member of D-12 to have a little bit of fun with the fans. 
Eminem Forgets Lyrics To 'Stan' At Concert, Also Bashes Donald Trump [VIDEO]While performing in front of 35,000 people in Glasgow, Scotland, Marshall Mathers forgot the lyrics to one of his biggest songs, 'Stan.'
From 8 Mile To England: Eminem's 'Stan' Makes It Into The Oxford English DictionaryThe Oxford English Dictionary now defines 'stan' as an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.
It's A Rap: Eminem Lawsuit Against New Zealand Party EndsEminem's publishers Eight Mile Style says an ad ripped off the rapper's acclaimed song "Lose Yourself,"
Eminem Sues New Zealand Political Party For Use Of 'Lose Yourself'According to the New Zealand Herald Eminem is suing the National Party for a 2014 campaign ad featuring a song that sounds a lot like "Lose Yourself".
Eminem's Daughter Hailie Is Dropping Jaws With Her Instagram PhotosIs it OK to say that Hailie is officially a smokeshow?
Questions About Drug Tests Land Kim Mathers, Eminem's Ex-Wife, Back In CourtThe ex-wife of rapper Eminem in court Monday in connection with a 2015 drunk driving charge.
Eminem Announces New Album, Drops New MusicHe mentions Colin Kaepernick, David Hasselhoff, Robin Thicke and Prince Fielder in a 7:47 track.
Detroit Lions And Eminem Collaborate On T-Shirt [PHOTO]Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Mathers tweeted out his collaboration with the Detroit Lions on a new t-shirt.
8 Mile Director Curtis Hanson DiesEminem was among many who worked with Hanson paying tribute to him after his death.