EPA Collects 11K Gallons Of Water From Contaminated SiteOfficials said the tests will evaluate the contamination level. Results were expected within weeks.
Trump EPA Expected To Roll Back Auto Gas Mileage Standards (Updated)The Trump administration is expected to announce soon that it will roll back automobile gas mileage and pollution standards that were approved during the Obama administration.
Former Suzuki Employee Pleads Guilty To Submitting False EPA ReportHe faces a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.
EPA Inspector General: Flint Water Crisis Should Have Generated Greater Sense Of UrgencyInspector General Arthur Elkin says the EPA should have acted sooner to respond to the lead-contaminated-water crisis in Flint.
Michigan To Urge Toughest Lead-Test Rules In USMichigan would have the toughest lead-testing rules in the nation and require the replacement of all underground lead service pipes in the state under the sweeping plan.
EPA: No Changes To Federal Lead Water Rule Until Next YearThe Environmental Protection Agency's top water regulator says officials are working to strengthen a federal rule limiting lead and copper in drinking water.
EPA Wants States To Double-Check Drinking Water ProceduresOf special concern is treatment to prevent corrosion that would enable lead and copper to leach into tap water, which is what occurred in Flint.
EPA Says State, City Still Lag On Response To Flint Water Crisis"Significant issues" remain that need "immediate attention" to safeguard the public water supply in the city of nearly 100,000.
U.S. House Panel Calls Governor, EPA Chief To Testify On FlintThe Republican governor has come under heavy criticism for the crisis.
EPA Official Stepping Down Amid Flint Water CrisisEPA chief Gina McCarthy says she accepted Hedman's resignation to ensure the regional office remains solely focused on the restoration of Flint's drinking water.
State Urges Water Tests At Flint Homes, Businesses, SchoolsDuring the audit, the EPA will review state files on public water system compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act.