Five Items On Lions' Christmas Wish ListWhere else to start? It's the Lions' most glaring need, and has been for quite some time.
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Caldwell Pleased With Ebron's Quieter Ways Amid Tight End's ResurgenceEbron likes the cameras because he craves attention. But he's sought less of it of late.
Caldwell Not Concerned With Ebron's Broken Relationship With FansWhat advice would Jim Caldwell give Ebron in terms of fixing that relationship? 
Why Caldwell Named Ebron A Captain: "We Try And Develop Our Leadership"Ebron responded by scoring the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter of Detroit's 38-24 win over Cleveland.
Lions Play Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots After TD [VIDEO]"We went into this game thinking that this needed to be a statement game," Tate said.
Caldwell Says Lions Never Expected Ebron To Be TradedEbron said he would happy whether or not the Lions held onto him.
Is Joseph Fauria Angling For A Second Chance With Lions?When Fauria was asked if he's in game shape, he responded, "Yes. Very much so! Best of my life."
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Ebron, Who Won't Hide Amid Struggles: "I’ve Let My Position Group Down"The Lions' best tight end through five games hasn't been their first-round draft pick in 2014.
Eric Ebron: "Boo Me All You Want"The bigger picture, right now, is that Darren Fells is slowly replacing Ebron as the Lions' number one tight end.