Government Officials: 3 To Be Charged In Connection With Flint Water CrisisThe Michigan Attorney General's office is planning an announcement in connection with their investigation into the Flint water crisis.
Flint Mayor To Governor: Drinking Filtered Water Is Meaningless; You've Got To Live HereWeaver says the governor's decision overlooks the fear Flint residents have over bathing and cooking with their water.
Flint's Latest Conundrum? People Aren't Using Enough WaterFlint residents who've grown accustomed to using bottled water and avoiding the faucet are getting new instructions: Turn on the taps.
EPA: No Changes To Federal Lead Water Rule Until Next YearThe Environmental Protection Agency's top water regulator says officials are working to strengthen a federal rule limiting lead and copper in drinking water.
Health Workers Get Lead-Test Help From Flint Student Nurses"This experience is irreplaceable. They (students) will remember this experience for the rest of their lives."
Monday Protest Focuses On Failing Condition Of DPS, Flint Water CrisisMetro Detroiters are coming together to protest some of Governor Rick Snyder's policies.
Federal Watchdog To Interview Flint Residents On Water CrisisA panel appointed by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder concluded that the state is "fundamentally accountable" for the lead crisis.
Proposed Flint Budget Shows Deficit In Water, Sewer FundThe contaminated water problems of Flint are well known. But the city is struggling with another problem -- a nearly $35 million budget deficit.
Flint Mayor: Pipe Replacement Hasn't Moved As Fast As HopedThe mayor of Flint says an initiative to replace service lines as the city faces a crisis with lead-tainted water hasn't moved as quickly as first hoped.
Flint Official: State Overruled Plan For Corrosion Control"That one meeting was the difference between this city being poisoned and not being poisoned."
Investigation Moves Ahead Into Rashes Reported In FlintAn update from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says the current analysis doesn't indicate health concerns for bathing or showering.
Michigan Lawmakers: As Congress Bickers, Flint SuffersA bipartisan congressional effort to aid the city is idling in the Senate — stalled by the objections of a single senator from Utah.
'Schuette Is Not On Duty On This One,' Says Coleman Young On Flint Water Investigation"I think it's the biggest case of criminal negligence I've ever seen," said Democrat Coleman Young II.
Kildee: Obsession With Austerity At Heart Of Man Made Flint Water DisasterDan Kildee said the contamination of Flint's water can be traced to the state wanting to save money.
Admission Of Failures In Flint Water Crisis May Not Curb Michigan's Emergency Manager LawA spokesman for House Speaker Kevin Cotter said mistakes were made in Flint "at every level of government," but that emergency managers are needed.