Homeless Good Samaritan Suing Couple Who Raised $400K To Help HimJohnny Bobbitt received worldwide praise after he gave a stranded motorist in Philadelphia his last $20 so she could get gas last year.
GoFundMe Campaign Seeks to Bring 'Trump Baby' Balloon to President's New Jersey Golf ClubAn activist has created a GoFundMe campaign to bring the “Trump Baby” balloon to President Donald Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.
Michigan Girl, 8, Killed While Feeding HomelessAn 8-year-old girl is dead after reportedly trying to feed the homeless at a nearby park.
Thousands In Reward Money Raised To Help Find Detroit Firefighter's KillerReward money is being raised in the case of a Detroit firefighter who was found beaten to death in his home last week.
GoFundMe Campaign Seeks To Help Victim Of McDonald's Worker Water Throwing"Help me restore his faith in humanity!"
GoFundMe Campaign Looks To 'Provide For Josh Smith's Family' While He Makes Nearly $7 MillionCanton resident Christopher Burlew set up a satirical GoFundMe campaign to "Help Provide For Josh Smith's Family."
Grandfather Uber Driver Battles Cancer, Works To Pay Off Home For DaughterAn online fundraising campaign has been launched to help an Uber driver battling cancer raise funds to pay off his mortgage and allow his daughter and grandchildren to live in his house.
GoFundMe: Canton Man Who Lost 400 Lbs. Needs Surgery To Remove 40 Lbs. Of Excess SkinBrian Flemming used to weigh 625 pounds and drank a fifth of vodka every night.
$190K Raised For Detroit Man Who Walks 21 Miles To WorkIn just two days an online fundraising campaign has raised more than $190,000 for a Detroit man who walks 21 miles a day to work.