Rural Michigan Faces Many Barriers To Health CareSue Cook is going to the ends of the earth, or what feels like it, to help people try to sign up for insurance under the new federal health care law.
Wait Over For Some Uninsured; Law's Effect UnclearMichigan fares well compared with other states on the portion of its residents with insurance, but because it's a big state, it still has more than 1 million uninsured, 12th-most in the country.
Snyder Proud Of Health Laws, Realistic About 2014 Gov. Rick Snyder looks back on 2013 and is proud of the substantial changes he and lawmakers made to Michigan's health care landscape.
Deadline Looms For Enrolling In Health Plan Under Affordable Care ActMonday is the deadline to select health care plans under the Affordable Care Act, or what some people call Obamacare.
Objective Obamacare Info: Oakwood Hospital Hosts SeminarsThe deadline to enroll for 2014 coverage is December 23.
Obamacare Key Dates In 2014Implementation of the health reform law continues through 2014 with these key dates.
Metro Detroit Hospital Gets Germ Zapping RobotsA Metro Detroit hospital has a powerful new weapon in the war against germs.
Bill Forces Disclosure Of Law's Effect On PremiumsState legislators are sharply divided over an emerging plan to require Michigan insurance companies to tell policyholders the impact of the federal health care law on their premiums.
Sebelius: Obamacare Website Will Be Better By End Of MonthJust 1,300 state residents picked a plan in the first month, according to federal data, though Sebelius said many residents are still shopping.
Divided Mich. Senate Votes To Expand Nurses' RoleMichigan nurse practitioners and other nurses with advanced training could practice without oversight by physicians and prescribe drugs.
1,300 Michiganders So Far Enrolled In ObamacareThe state estimates at least 365,000 people could sign up on the market in 2014.
Romneycare Vs. Obamacare: Key Similarities & DifferencesCan the nation expect to see the same positive results across the country as was seen in Massachusetts?
Mich. Asks Feds For Medicaid Expansion Approval Michigan's Medicaid expansion plan needs approval because it differs from the basic option offered to states under the federal health care law.
Health On Wheels: Free Screenings In OctoberWayne County’s mobile health is rolling into a neighborhood near you.
Mich.'s New Era Of Health Insurance Starts In DaysAll told, roughly 450,000 more residents could have insurance in 2014.