Hooters Girl Gives Little To No Effort On Ground Ball In Tigers And Phillies Game [VIDEO]The Detroit Tigers are in Clearwater, Fla. Tuesday afternoon taking on the Philadelphia Phillies.
Philadelphia Phillies Feature Hooters Girls Who Makes The First Error Of Spring Training [VIDEO]You might remember in 2013 when a Hooters girl fielded a ball that was still in play and gave it to a fan.
Terry Foster Ogles Downriver Women At Hooters Event, Eats Wings I was like a pig rolling in mud Wednesday night by being one of the judges in the Taylor Hooter’s calendar girls competition.
Could Webmaster Evan Look Any More Fat And Dumb? [Photo]I don't understand exactly what I was doing in the photo, other than trying to take the oddest looking photo of all time.
Hooters Bikini Competition Photo GalleryWednesday night was a pretty eventful night for me.
Stoney And Bill Meet The Hooters Calendar GirlFriday November 8th will be a day Stoney and Bill will remember for a long time.
Hooters Tries To Make Moms An Offer They Can't Refuse Known for its busty, scantily-clad wait staff, Hooters is offering a free entree of up to $10 to anyone who brings in a child on Mother's Day this Sunday.
Hooters Girl Can Catch But Can't SeeThe ballgirl has become a staple at many a spring training game and usually a fine staple at that.
Hooters Girls Play Foosball And Dance To PitbullToday after the Stoney and Bill show, Hooters girls came to 97.1 The Ticket to challenge Stoney and Bill to a game of foosball.
Hooters Girls Do The "Cat Daddy"Last week Stoney mentioned how he didn't think that Hooters girls in Southeastern Michigan looked anything like the girls in the Hooters competition.
Hooters Give A Nod To Mom With Free 'Wings' On Mother's Day