FBI Investigating Lead Contamination Of Flint's Drinking WaterThe FBI is now investigating the contamination of Flint’s drinking water.
Michigan Undertaking Plan To Determine If Flint Water Is SafeThe DEQ hopes "to be able to say something about the general health of the system come mid-April."
Michigan Proposes Strategy To Determine If Flint Water SafeThe Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is proposing a five-part strategy as part of an effort to determine whether Flint's water is safe to drink.
Michael Keaton Questions Role Of Reporters In Flint Water CrisisActor Michael Keaton said that "had there been a spotlight put on that ... maybe they would have been a little bit ahead of the situation."
Michael Moore's Open Letter: Don't Send Water To Flint"Unfortunately, the honest answer to your offer of help is, sadly, you can’t," stated Moore in his letter.
Lt. Governor: Water System At Large Will Be Back To Pre-Flint Condition In MonthsTeams from the Environmental Protection Agency are preparing to collect samples to confirm that lead is being removed by water filters in Flint.
Memphis, FedEx Team Up To Donate Water To FlintMemphis' water utility company, FedEx and city government are donating 12,000 bottles of water to residents of Flint, Michigan, where drinking water has been contaminated by lead.
Jeb Bush On Snyder's Handling Of Flint Water Crisis: 'Stop The Blame Game,' Points Finger At Regulatory SystemJeb Bush said he admired the way Snyder has taken responsibility for the water crisis.
Ex-prosecutor To Spearhead Investigation Into Flint WaterThe Michigan AG says Todd Flood, a former assistant prosecutor in Wayne County, will spearhead Schuette's investigation and serve as special counsel.
Water Crisis Brings Militia Members To Flint In Protest, Aid To CommunityThe rally at the City of Flint Municipal Center brought together residents and militia members -- all demanding answers about Flint's water.
No ID Required Says State Regarding Access To Filters, Water In FlintQuestions arose about the need for identification to access bottled water and filters for residents struggling to maintain safe drinking water in their Flint homes.
Would Flint Crisis Happen In Wealthier, Whiter Community?The city is 57 percent black, and 42 percent of its people live in poverty.
$80 Million In Federal Funds Heading To State Of Michigan For FlintPresident Obama says $80 million in federal funds is on the way to address the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.
EPA Official Stepping Down Amid Flint Water CrisisEPA chief Gina McCarthy says she accepted Hedman's resignation to ensure the regional office remains solely focused on the restoration of Flint's drinking water.
Michigan Budget Officials Recommend $28M To Aid Flint Water CrisisFlint has returned to Detroit water, but many residents are relying on bottled water.