Detroit Minister Calls Dave Bing A 'House You-Know-What' In Radio InterviewShabazz was on the panel with "Deadline Detroit" writer Jeff Wattrick to discuss Detroit's finances and whether there's any way out of the cycle of debt and dysfunction. Shabazz said Bing's leadership is entirely to blame for all the city's woes.
Protesters Disrupt Snyder's Meeting With MinistersGovernor Rick Snyder was met by protesters minutes after he arrived to speak before the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity Tuesday morning at Bethel Baptist Church East in Detroit.
Detroit Preacher Who Said 'Burn City Down' Calls For Peace, Plans To RallyShabazz said Gov. Rick Snyder is pushing the agreement because he's a white supremacist. He also called city leaders "Uncle Toms." Then Kwame Kilpatrick's brother-in-law weighed in.
Does Malik Shabazz Still Think Detroit Residents Should 'Burn The City Down?'Charlie Langton asked how he could justify going in front of a crowd and TV cameras to yell 'white supremacy' and threaten to burn down his own city to prevent outsiders from coming in.
Charlie Langton: Shabazz Discusses Why He Said Burn The City Down
Is Detroit Ripe For Civil Unrest?Inflammatory remarks made by a Detroit minister has some Metro Detroiters worried about possible civil unrest in the city as it deals with a financial crisis which likely will require state intervention.
Detroit 300: "Don't Snitch, Just Tell" About CrimeDetroit Minister and founder of the volunteer group, the 'Detroit 300': Malik Shabazz says the community needs to pull together and fight violent crime by reporting it.
Scandalous Movie Based On Detroit Debuting Tonight