MDHHS Order Eliminates Restaurant Restrictions Starting June 1A new state health department order eliminates several COVID-19 restrictions on restaurants. 
Michigan Matters: Pandemic’s Grip Loosens, Leaders Rally Against Asian Hate CrimesNearly 14 months after it began, the pandemic’s grip is finally loosening as Elizabeth Hertel, Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, talked about with Senior Producer/Host Carol Cain on “Michigan Matters” airing 7:30 am Sunday on CBS 62. 
MDHHS Launches MiCAL Crisis Helpline In Oakland County And Upper PeninsulaThe Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) launched the Michigan Crisis and Access Line (MiCal), beginning in Oakland County and the Upper Peninsula, eventually expanding statewide.
Michigan GOP Raises Concern About $155,000 For Robert Gordon, Former Health and Human Services DirectorNew questions tonight in the separation payments to former Michigan officials who had key roles during the pandemic just a day after Governor Whitmer deflected questions about the topic, saying it’s just standard procedure.
New App Tracks Michigan Covid CasesIf you want to keep up with coronavirus contact tracing in Michigan, there’s an app for that.
State Softens Requirements For Restaurants To Gather Patron's InformationThe state has revised guidelines on restaurant contact tracing after just a day.
Michigan Matters: As Pandemic Kicks Up, Talk of Safety And RightsAs the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths rises, Dr. Joneigh S. Khaldun, Chief Medical Executive and Chief Deputy Director for Health for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, appeared on CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters” to update the situation. 
MDHHS Improves Medicaid Enrollees’ Access To Flu VaccineThe Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced several new strategies Thursday to increase access to the influenza vaccine during flu season. The changes make it easier for Medicaid beneficiaries to get flu vaccines.
MDHHS Mask Mandate Draws Support And CriticismMDHHS officials say violators of the order can be fined up to $1,000 and charged with a misdemeanor.
MDHHS Issues New Mask Order And Indoor Gatherings LimitsThe MDHHS issued a new order mandating mask use and seating capacity limits on venues back to previous levels before the Michigan Supreme Court's decision nullified Governor Whitmer's orders past April 30.
MDHHS, Gov. Whitmer Work To Educate Residents About The Effects Of Domestic Violence During October Awareness MonthThe state of Michigan is joining national efforts during October to educate communities about the devastating and lasting trauma domestic violence has on countless individuals and families.