Michigan Matters: Champions for Mental Health Awareness Take Center StageWith May being Mental Health Awareness Month, three champions for mental wellness and raising the conversation about its importance --  former Detroit Lions Quarterback Eric Hipple, NAMI-Michigan’s Kevin Fischer and BCBSM’s Dr. Amy McKenzie -- appear on CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters” this Sunday at 7:30 am to discuss this critical issue. 
Few Psychiatric Services Available; The Post-Prison Struggle To Acclimate"The prison population, over 50 percent are either drug addicted or chronically mentally ill -- they get very limited treatment."
Does My Health Insurance Cover Mental Illness Care?Almost all health insurance policies are now required to cover mental illness care under the Affordable Care Act.
New Michigan Law Requires More Mental Health Services Legislation has been signed into law to offer more treatment options in Michigan for people with mental illness, including those who are jailed or at risk of being imprisoned.
Mich. Mental Health Panel Makes RecommendationsOne change recommended by the commission is to eradicate the phrase "mental retardation" from Michigan laws.
UM Among International Group Seeking Genetic Variants Leading To Mental IllnessSeveral newly discovered genetic variants may increase the risk of developing bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or both, according to an international research consortium that includes the University of Michigan School of Public Health.
Talent Show For Mental Illness AwarenessFormer Bob Seger drummer will judge a talent show after recent research revealed that mental illness and suicide is on the rise amongst youth in Lake Orion.
New Psych Bible: Is Everyone Crazy?
Detroit Nonprofit Seeks to Help Older Adults With Mental Illness