Senate Republicans Pass Bill To Block Minors From COVID Vaccine RequirementsThe Michigan Senate is getting in the middle of the covid vaccine debate and working to put laws on the books to keep kids out of it.
Michigan Senate: No COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For MinorsMichigan Republicans on Tuesday advanced a bill that would prohibit state and local health officials from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for children under age 18.
Michigan Legislature Launches Lawsuit Against GovernorFiling the suit today in the Michigan Court of Claims. The Michigan Legislature contends that Governor's authority under the 1976 Emergency Powers Act is up.
Michigan Senate Approves Spending For Tuition, Tourism CampaignThe Michigan Senate on Thursday approved $312 million in spending to provide financial assistance for adults age 25 and older to attend community college and partially revive the state's tourism campaign.
Michigan Senate Approves Up To $25M To Combat CoronavirusThe Michigan Senate on Thursday approved spending up to $25 million to combat the new coronavirus.
Senate Bills Would Allow More Spending On Parks, TrailsMichigan Senate passed a proposed constitutional amendment to ensure local governments would get a slice of a robust state trust fund for projects such as trails and parks.
Lena Epstein Welcomes Kid Rock To Senate Race In Video AdIn the ad, Epstein suggests Kid Rock teams up with her "to take the fight directly to Debbie Stabenow."
Jailed State Senator Virgil Smith Submits Letter Of ResignationSmith's resignation is effective April 12.
Jailed Senator Virgil Smith Expected To Resign By End Of WeekA State Senator from Detroit who was ordered to jail for 10 months following a shooting incident involving his ex-wife is expected to resign from office by the end of the week.
Michigan Senate Targets Key Vote On Aid For Detroit SchoolsThe Senate plan would allocate roughly $500 million to address debt and $200 million to start a new district.
Senate Leaders Expect Virgil Smith To Resign Despite Judge's MoveDemocratic Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich says he "can't see a scenario" where Smith doesn't resign.