Suh, Dolphins Make It OfficialNews broke Sunday, during the three-day negotiating period that precedes free agency, that Suh and the Dolphins had come to an agreement.
Ausmus Says Losses Of Scherzer, Suh 'Disheartening' For FansAs a fan long before he was a player and manager, Ausmus can see how fans might be upset at the recent departures of Scherzer and Suh.
Suh, Bush, Houston, Freese Among Recipients Of Lions' NFL-Leading $17.4M In Dead MoneySuh is one of 18 players not on the roster who will get paid by the Lions this year.
Detroit Lions Fans Burn Their Ndamukong Suh Jerseys [PHOTO]Much like when LeBron James left Cleveland for South Beach, fans revolted and burned their LeBron jerseys.
Next Moves For Lions Should Include Signing Defensive Tackle, CornerbackEven if they had re-signed Suh, the Lions would have needed to add at least two defensive tackles, either through free agency or the draft.
Karsch And Anderson Champ And Chump Of The WeekendChamp: Ndamukong Suh for being able to get the biggest deal for a defensive player in NFL history.
Former Lion Lawrence Jackson Takes Lions, Stafford To Task On TwitterLawrence Jackson, a first-round pick out of USC in 2008, has never been shy about offering his opinions on his Twitter feed.
11 Billboards Show Fan Reaction To Suh Leaving: '$CRUHED!'"For them it's just a great way to kind of say how they feel without saying too much and kind of get the conversation going," Zipp said.
10 Athletes That Left Detroit Too SoonIn an effort to make Lions fans feel better, I give you Detroit’s top 10 toughest losses.
Public Sounds Off With Charlie Langton On Ndamukong Suh Leaving LionsWith Nick Fairley's seemingly on the bubble as well, the man said the Lions could soon have "their two front teeth missing."
Report: Colts Offering Fairley Double The Guaranteed Money Other Teams Have OfferedESPN's Mike Sando listed Fairley as number one among "buyer-beware" free agents.
Source: Lions Offered Suh Six-Year, $102M Deal With $58M GuaranteedSuh could have remained with the Lions and still surpassed Watt as the most highly paid defensive player in the NFL.
Mike Florio Says Suh Sweepstakes Down To Lions, DolphinsFlorio said Miami's interest in Suh comes from the owner's desire to make a dramatic acquisition.
Former Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz Describes What Teams Will Get With Suh"You've seen Ndamukong grow ... into a leadership role, and a lot of that leadership is how he prepares on a weekly basis," Schwartz said.
Wilfork Joins List Of Defensive Tackles Lions Could Pursue If They Do Not Re-Sign SuhThe Detroit Lions would obviously prefer to ink Suh to a long-term deal before any of that occurs, but the odds Suh will commit before exploring his options are looking increasingly slim.