Occupy Detroit Given One Week To Vacate ParkDetroit City Council approved only a one-week permit extension for Occupy Detroit protesters, while the group had hoped for two weeks.
More Time For Occupy Detroit ProtestersOccupy Detroit has been given a reprieve.
Permit Expires Monday But 'Occupy Detroiters' Have No Plans On Leaving AreaThere could be a showdown next week between Detroit Police and Occupy Detroit protesters.
Detroit: Protesters Need To Un-Occupy Grand Circus ParkFor the past month, Occupy Detroit protesters have been camped out at Grand Circus Park in downtown Detroit. Now, it appears the city wants them to roll up their sleeping bags and un-occupy the park.
Message Of Prayer Rally At Center Of Division Between Church GroupsThe group of Imams say they want to promote peace, and not division.
Occupy Detroit Gets Union SupportCarrying signs and wearing stickers that said 99%, a few hundred union members marched in support of Occupy Detroit Sunday.
"Occupy Detroit" Protestors Arrested At Wayne StateTwo members of the "Occupy Detroit" protest movement were arrested for allegedly trying to disrupt the videotaping of a television show on the Wayne State University campus Wednesday.
'Occupy Detroit' Protests DTE Rate Increase"You can look at how much the CEO's get paid, and the fact that they're cutting off anybody's heat in the winter is appalling," said one man at Tuesday's rally.
Occupy Detroit Protesters Fare Better Than Others Across The U.S.As police in riot gear and swat teams break up anti-Wall Street protests across the country, here in Motown all is quiet at “Occupy Detroit.”
Occupy Detroit: Banks Need A HaircutIn banking, a "haircut" is when a lender adjusts the terms of a loan to decrease the debt on the borrower.
Michigan Pastor Inspired By Occupy Wall Street ArrestedA pastor who said he was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement was arrested after refusing to leave Holland's city hall in protest of the city's decision not to expand its anti-discrimination ordinance.