‘There Was No Choice’: Nurse Adopts Autistic Man So He Can Have Life-Saving Heart TransplantAn ICU nurse in Georgia recently adopted a 27-year-old man with autism so he could get a life-saving heart transplant.
Witnesses: Woman Shoots Into KFC Drive-Thru Window After Not Receiving Napkin, ForkA woman shot out a drive thru window at a KFC restaurant in Kentucky on Monday after she didn't receive a napkin and fork, witnesses said.
'Twelve O'Clock At Night, It's Pretty Scary': Real-Life Fright Reported At Man's Haunted HouseA Missouri man who goes all out every Halloween to make his house as frightening as possible says he had a real-life fright of his own.
'A Dangerous Mix': Billboard Sparks Debate Over Role Of Religion In GovernmentA new billboard that advocates the separation of church and state is starting to stir passions in east Tennessee.
How The Maker Of Skittles And M&Ms Gets Ready For HalloweenIt takes the maker of M&M's, Skittles and Snickers two years to get ready for Halloween.
Petitions To Cancel School On Day After Halloween Gaining TractionOnline petitions calling for the cancellation of school the day after Halloween are gaining traction across the country, according to the petition-gathering website Change.org.
Boy Pilots Custom-Built Star Wars Themed Halloween Costume For His WheelchairA five-year-old Nebraska boy with a rare disease will be piloting an innovative Star Wars themed costume this Halloween.
Police: Man Tries To Open Account At Bank With Fake $1 Million BillA man tried to use a fake $1 million bill to open a checking account at a local bank branch, police in Lincoln, Nebraska said.
Man Breaks State Record With Nearly 1,800 Pound PumpkinA Missouri man recently broke his own state record for the largest pumpkin -- twice in one day.
Deputies: Man Stabs Woman Over Fear She Would 'Feed Him To Zombies'A South Carolina man allegedly stabbed a woman because he feared she would feed him to zombies, according to investigators.
Deputies: Man Arrested For Shooting At His Brother Over $200 During Wild ChaseA dispute over $200 between two brothers in Oklahoma escalated into a violent chase, authorities said.
Thousands Of Pesky Birds Shut Down North Carolina Airport For Several HoursSeveral flights were delayed Friday when an extremely large flock of birds shut down the airport in Asheville, North Carolina, for several hours, officials said.
Satellite Makes Early Return And Lands In Michigan YardA Samsung satellite fell out of the sky and landed in a Michigan homeowner's yard. The device was part of a balloon system that broadcasts people's selfies into space. Samsung says weather conditions led to the object's early return to Earth.
No One Believed Him When He Said He Hadn't Been Drinking. Then Researchers Found His Body Was Producing AlcoholWhen a man in North Carolina was pulled over on suspicion of driving drunk, police didn't believe him when he said he hadn't had any alcohol.
'This Is Not My Fault:' Woman Who Boarded Flight Without ID Or Boarding Blames OfficialsA Florida woman who managed to board a Delta Air Lines flight without identification or a boarding pass blames the incident on airport staff and security.