Michigan Matters: Ari Fleischer Calls Obama 'Highly Vulnerable'As the Republican presidential contest descends into 10 states on Super Tuesday, none is more vital for former speaker Newt Gingrich and his prospects than Georgia.
Eric Thomas: Language Matters In Political DebateDon’t you think you are driving down the wrong street philosophically when you adopt the same tactic as the aliens from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”?
16 Percent Turnout For Michigan Presidential PrimaryMichigan election officials say 16 percent of the state's registered voters cast ballots in this week's presidential primary election.
Ron Paul: States Should Decide If 16-Year-Olds Can Get Morning After Pill"I think that the world is falling apart ... we're totally bankrupt, the wars are endless ... I would say that we have some big problems, more or less worrying about birth control pills," Ron Paul said.
Few Voters Cast Ballots In Michigan Presidential PrimaryElection officials expect between 15 percent and 20 percent of the state's registered voters to cast ballots in Tuesday's presidential primary election.
Clawson Considers Tax Increase As City StrugglesCity Manager Mark Pollack says they've already done all they can to make up for declining property values, including 10-percent wage cuts from every city employee.
Santorum Blasts Penn State, Says Grades Were Docked For Beliefs "There are schools, I went to one -- Penn State -- that's one of the liberal icons," Rick Santorum said.
Ferndale Voters Consider School UpgradesAside from the main course of Romney-Santorum, several metro area communities also have millage issues before voters on this primary day.
Ann Romney On Mitt: Women Would Vote For Him If They Knew HimAnn Romney tells Carol Cain women should support her husband.
Valenti & Foster Poll: Should Kid Rock Have Supported Romney?Listener Dan called in to say, "...This guy is so out of touch with where the average Kid Rock fan lives, it's unbelieveable."
President Obama Defends Auto Industry AidPresident Obama says those who opposed government aid to the auto industry are “rewriting history.”