So Much New For Fielder In First Rangers Workout When a grounder ricocheted off Prince Fielder's mitt during his first workout with the Texas Rangers, he quickly held it up and proclaimed with a smile, "It's new."
Prince Fielder Reveals Offseason Workout, Says He's 'Eliminating Fear' [VIDEO]Prince Fielder left a sour taste in Tigers fans mouths after the 2013 season. After watching this video your face my pucker just a little bit more.
New Closer Joe Nathan Excited For What Revamped Roster Will Do For TigersAs much of a topic as offense has been this off-season, Nathan believes the defense will make the difference in 2014.
Will Prince Fielder Be The Most Hated Detroit Athlete?If reports are to be believed, Prince Fielder, since becoming a Texas Ranger, has lost 40 lbs, cut his hair, and appears to give a rip about baseball in ways that it appeared he never did when he spent two years with the Tigers.
Hunter On Prince: 'I Think It Was The Comments That Really Ticked People Off!'"I think fans and media were probably upset with him not having no RBIs and no homers," Hunter said.
Kinsler Ready To Contribute To A New ContenderThere won't be much talk about Ian Kinsler filling Prince Fielder's shoes in Detroit.
Prince Fielder: "You Know I Sucked, But I Didn't Have To Be Reminded Of It"Former Tiger Prince Fielder seems to be the gift that just keeps giving.
Rangers Introduce No 84, New 1B Prince Fielder Prince Fielder used to take batting practice as a kid at Tigers Stadium and was known for hitting balls over the right-field fence at a young age.
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Ian Kinsler Wears Prince Fielder's PantsTurns out the newest Tiger Ian Kinsler is connected with Prince Fielder more than we knew.
Fielder Sees Trade To Rangers As A Fresh Start "It was cool. The season was fine. It is what it is bro," Fielder said during a brief conference call with Rangers beat writers.
Are There Negatives To The Prince Fielder Trade? [BLOG]Wednesday night Dave Dombrowski pulled off one hell of a trade.
Hasty Assumptions: Breaking Down Fielder-for-KinslerLate Wednesday night, shockwaves were sent around baseball when the Tigers traded Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers for Ian Kinsler.
Mike Valenti: The Tigers Need To Forget Choo, Target Beltran and Nathan"Rumors are going around that (the Tigers) may drop $100 million on Choo," Valenti said on his radio program Thursday.
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