Is Mila Kunis A Naughty Chicken Thief?In a bizarre and obvious grab for money, a woman is suing Mila Kunis for allegedly stealing her chicken 25 YEARS AGO!
Madonna Gives Drake The Kiss Of A Lifetime [VIDEO]Madonna is known for her high profile kisses.
Pac-Man Is Real And Ready To Attack [VIDEO]The first trailer for the movie "Pixels" came out this week.
Internet Backlash For Hot Model Who Doesn't Look 8 1/2 Months Pregnant [PHOTOS]30 year-old-model Sarah Stage is stirring up huge debate after posting bra and panty shots on her Instagram account while pregnant.
Who Knew Prince Could Ball? [PHOTO]It is time for the Prince edition of Throwback Thursday.
Is This The New Kate Upton? [VIDEO]The people at Carl's Jr. don't like to stray too far from their commercial formula of hot chicks in bikinis doing stuff in slow motion.
The Scariest Car Wash Experience Ever [VIDEO]Somehow an old guy in Sacramento, California got confused about the process of going through the car wash.
Christmas Wishes From Emily Ratajkowski [VIDEO]The countdown to Christmas is on, and to help you check off each day, LOVE magazine has put together their own advent calendar.
The Terminator Is Back...But Not The SameThe first full trailer for "Terminator: Genisys" is out and fans have had mixed reactions.
Comedian Nails Celebrities Stuck In Traffic [VIDEO]
Yao Ming Proves Cars Were Not Made For Ballers [VIDEO]Retired NBA star Yao Ming has traveled the world for his basketball career, and now he is traveling the world to spread the message about his new mission.
Devon Still Wins The Heart Of AmericaThe Cincinnati Bengals may not have won their game on Thursday night against the Browns, but they succeeded in winning the hearts of America with all of the sweet things they have done for defensive tackle Devon Still's daughter Leah.
The New Walking Dead; The Walking Drunk [VIDEO]"The Walking Dead" started off Season 5 last Sunday with a BRUTAL opening episode.
Derek Jeter's Nephew Stole The Show Again [VIDEO]It was a beautiful moment in baseball on Thursday night when retiring Yankee captain Derek Jeter came through with a game winning walk-off single in his final game at Yankee Stadium.
Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea's Butt Competition [VIDEO]First there was the Jennifer Lopez Fashion Rocks performance of "Booty", and now there is the full length Jennifer Lopez "Booty" music video featuring Iggy Azalea.