Scam Alert: Imposters Posing As Consumer Energy EmployeesConsumers Energy is working with law enforcement after receiving reports that imposters are trying to coerce themselves into resident's homes.
Scammer Tricks Elderly Woman Out Of $45K, Claimed Her Son Needed Bail Money Nassau County police say a thief tricked an elderly woman not once, but three times in the same day and got away with thousands of dollars.
Family Warns Of Terrifying Kidnapping ScamA South Florida family says they were recently targeted by a terrifying kidnapping scam.
Couple, Homeless Man Charged In GoFundMe ScamA New Jersey couple and a homeless man have been accused of making up a feel-good story that raised more than $400,000 through GoFundMe.
Walmart Manager Stole $830K In Money OrdersJustin Manning, 40, of Aurora was sentenced by a federal judge to 22 months in prison for wire fraud and money laundering.
Wells Fargo Says Hundreds Of Customers Lost Homes After Computer GlitchHundreds of people had their homes foreclosed on after software used by Wells Fargo incorrectly denied them mortgage modifications.
Scam Alert: If Your Own Phone Number Calls You, Don't Pick UpA new scam is tricking victims into giving away precious information by calling them from what appears to be their own phone numbers.
Oakland County Officials Warn Local Restaurants Of Inspection ScamsThis week officials say an Oakland County restaurant received a call from someone claiming to be an inspector and asking for pre-payment for a food inspection. However, that's not how it works.
12 Scams Of Christmas: BBB Warns Of Top Consumer Fraud TricksThe holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones and celebrating the Spirit of Christmas. Unfortunately, this is when scammers prey on people’s holiday spirit, busy schedules, and generosity the most.
2 Men Wanted In $4,000 Scam Targeting Elderly In Oakland County [VIDEO]One of the suspects was caught on security camera.
State: 'Deceptive' Detroit-Area Firefighters Charity Has Distributed Only $5,500 Of $4.2 Million Raised"This is another example of a sympathetic cause -- firefighters and those losing their homes from fire -- being exploited by scammers."
Police Searching For 2 Men Posing As Contractors To Scam ElderlyOne suspect distracts the resident, while the other enters the home and steals valuables.
Plymouth Man Charged With Larceny In Home Improvement ScamKurt Matthew Siebert, who owns Elite Blind Drapery & Shutter Services, is being held on a $75K bond.
Scam Alert: Crooks Look To Exploit Flint Water Crisis“I don’t want to spread further fear in our community but, I also want our residents to be extra careful..."
Don't Get Too Caught Up In Powerball Fever, You Might Be Getting ScammedIf you've bought a ticket for Wednesday's Powerball drawing, you'll want to read this.