Debt Collectors Could Contact You Through Social Media, TextAs if calls from debt collectors isn’t already a hassle, imagine them tracking you down on social media. Well a new rule will allow creditors to do just that, turning your DM into a bin for bills.
Shelby Township Trustee Faces Backlash, Accused Of Sharing Racist Post On FacebookA Shelby Township trustee is facing more backlash and protests for a post he shared online.
Michigan Home Decor Store Owner Uses Social Media To Keep Business GoingBusiness is booming at Redeemed Decor in Flushing, despite the fact the store has been closed for more than a month.
Michigan Wendy's Worker Bathing In Restaurant Sink Goes Viral On Social MediaThe video shows the teen boy fully bathing in the Wendy’s sink in Greenville, while scrubbing his body. 
Facebook Rolls Out Face Recognition To All Users But Says It Will Be Off By DefaultFacebook is now offering facial-recognition features to all of its users, but says it will keep the capabilities turned off by default.
YouTube Says It's Removing More Hate Speech Than Before But Controversial Channels Remain UpDespite instituting a more stringent policy around hateful content in June, YouTube has been criticized for doing too little and not providing enough transparency.
YouTube Will Crack Down On Recommending Conspiracy VideosYouTube is making changes to its recommendation algorithm, which serves up new videos for users to watch, in an effort to crack down on the spread of conspiracy theories on its platform.
University Tells Students Not To Use Social Media Apps In ChinaStudents and faculty at the University of California (UC) have been warned against using social media apps while visiting China.
December 11 Is National App DayToday is National App Day, a day to celebrate the applications or "apps" we use on our smart phones that many of us simply can't live without. 
Pinterest Announces The Top 100 Trends To Try For 2019Below is a peek at some of the trends we can expect to see everyone trying in 2019, according to Pinterest's global data.
Tumblr Will Ban All Adult-Content Starting December 17th Tumblr says it is banning images and videos that feature "adult content," including pornography, from its platform. The change, which will start December 17, threatens to alienate some of the blogging website's most active communities.