Detroit Tigers' GM Al Avila Talks Injuries, Fifth Starter And BullpenK-Rod will be our closer, Justin Wilson and Mark Lowe will be that seventh and eighth inning roll and those guys are the guys we brought in over the winter time and need to get that job done.
Would Marijuana As Painkiller Have Made Megatron Reconsider? [BLOG]Why is it okay to pop Vicodin after Vicodin, but players can’t use marijuana medicinally?
Minnesota High School's All Hockey Hair Team [VIDEO]Check out this video which awards the players in the Minnesota State High School Championships who have the best hockey hair.
Cosmetic Calvin: Detroit’s Most Overrated Star Athlete [BLOG]A caller this morning suggested that Calvin Johnson is the greatest wide receiver of all time.
Hall Of Fame QB Compares Stafford To John Elway [AUDIO] He passed for over 43,000 yards and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, so who better to critique quarterbacks than Dan Fouts.
Detroit Pistons Partner With Detroit PAL To Create New Youth Basketball League [AUDIO]The Detroit Pistons today announced a $300,000 philanthropic contribution to the Detroit Police Athletic League (PAL) to support youth recreation basketball in Metro Detroit.
Stoney's Play Of The DayIt is very rare that my Alma mater's basketball games even show up on the board of games to wager on.
Stoney's Play Of The DayThe Nets did what they do last night and lose,so the Heat gave me the victory.
Drake Has Competition For The Best "Hotline Bling" [VIDEO] Not to be left behind, W magazine decided to round up some celebrities like Amy Schumer, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, and Bryan Cranston to do a spoken word version of Bling.
Stoney's Play Of The DayGoing to delve in to the NBA tonight as the Brooklyn Nets are hosting the Miami Heat.
Stoney's Play Of The DayAfter a 10 day detoxification from prognostication we have returned with renewed vigor to help make you some cash.