Gov. Snyder Says 'Full Review' Of Refugees Following Paris Attacks Is 'Common Sense'"Isn't it common sense you just pause and say, 'Let's make sure we're looking at what happened in Paris, what happened in Lebanon and can we learn from that,'" said Snyder.
Metro Detroit Welcomes Syrian, Iraqi Refugees"She said: We lost our houses; we lost everything we owned there..."
Gov. Snyder Wants More Syrian Refugees, 'Would Love To See' Michigan's Middle Eastern Population Grow"The governor thinks it's an economic plus," reported WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick.
Michigan Could See Influx Of Syrian Refugees As US Makes PlansThe Detroit, Dearborn and Warren areas are home to several thousand Syrian immigrants -- the fourth-largest population in the U.S.
Stanford Professor: Let Refugees From War-Torn Syria Settle In Detroit"Suppose these two social and humanitarian disasters were conjoined to produce something positive," David Laitin says.
Dearborn Man Accused Of Supporting Terrorist Group HizballahFederal agents say they arrested 22-year-old metro Detroit man before he could fly to the Middle East to fight Syrian rebels.
FBI Says Man Added To Most Wanted Terrorists List Has Detroit TiesA $50K reward is offered for information leading to the capture of Ahmad Abousamra, who allegedly trained to kill American soldiers overseas.
U-M Student Group Protests U.S. Involvement In SyriaWhile talks are underway to avert a U.S. attack on Syria, students gathered on the Diag at University of Michigan to call on President Obama to find a peaceful solution.