NASA Discovers Gas Emanating From UranusFrom decades-old data from the Voyager 2 Space probe that went out and explored the outer reaches of our solar system, NASA researchers have come across a new finding from the probe's Jan 24, 1986 fly-by of Uranus. What they didn't know, Voyager 2 flew through a plasmoid. A giant magnetic bubble that was putting Uranus' atmosphere into space.
Retro Gadgets Are Still Selling WellThat beaten up Walkman buried in your basement might be someone's hot new accessory. The retro tech market is alive and kicking.
Facebook To Hire 3,000 To Review Videos Of Crime And SuicideVideos and posts that glorify violence are against Facebook's rules, but Facebook has been criticized for being slow in responding to such content.
Microsoft Takes Aim At Google With Surface Laptop, Slim WindowsThe Surface Laptop will come out on June 15.
Coming Soon: Test Your Sperm With Your Smart PhoneResearchers say this at-home test has an accuracy rate of 98 percent.
Google's Pixel Phone: Not Much New, But Still A StandoutGoogle pulls together the best features from Apple, Samsung and other phones.
Samsung Halts Sales Of Galaxy Note 7 After Replacement Devices Also Catch FireSamsung has halted Note 7 sales and advised customers to power down their devices or replace them.
Google Launches Pixel Phones To Compete With iPhoneGoogle introduced a new line of smartphones in its most aggressive challenge yet to Apple and Samsung Tuesday.
For Some People, The Older The Smartphone, The BetterA fraction of the population continues to cling to older phones, some 3 to 4 years old - or more.
Twitter Dumps 'Favorite' Button For Heart-Shaped 'Like'Seemingly all-of-a-sudden and without ceremony, the little star button disappeared from the booming social media platform.
Apple, Google Bring Smartphone Functions To Car DashboardsConsumers increasingly want to use their smartphone while driving - without running afoul of the law.