No Big Virus Outbreak Tesla Assures Employees Despite ReportTesla is looking into more than 130 positive tests among employees, including those who contracted the virus outside of Tesla facilities.
Tesla Finally Wins The Right To Sell Cars In Michigan: What To KnowTesla is finally coming to Michigan, the home of the US auto industry.
Tesla Walks Back Its Plan To Close Most ShowroomsTesla is walking back its plan to close most of its showrooms worldwide.
Tesla Reduced Cost for Model 3 to $35K By Closing StoresTesla will only sell its electric cars online as it accelerates its cost cutting so it can realize its long-running goal of selling a mass-market sedan for $35,000.
Fourth-Quarter Profits Reported For Tesla, Expected To Make Money This YearTesla managed to eke out a small fourth-quarter profit to close 2018, and it pledged to make money in all quarters this year.
Tesla Delivers Record Number Of Vehicles, Cuts Prices $2,000Tesla says it delivered over 245,000 electric cars and SUVs last year, nearly as many as all previous years combined.
Regulators Subpoenaed Tesla Production Data, Company SaysU.S. securities investigators have subpoenaed information from Tesla about production forecasts for the Model 3 electric car that were made last year, the company acknowledged in a regulatory filing Friday.
Tesla says order by Monday to get full $7,500 tax creditTesla Inc. says buyers must order cars by Monday to get the full federal electric vehicle tax credit of $7,500.
Another Hairpin Turn For Tesla As Stock Dives On SEC ChargeTesla investors have taken a wild ride as Wall Street values the promise of one of the world's leading electric car makers, the hurdles the company faces as it tries to become a world-class manufacturer, and a mercurial CEO who can get the market buzzing with a single tweet.
Elon Musk Shares His Thoughts And Marijuana On The Joe Rogan ShowThe CEO of electric-car maker Tesla and rocket startup SpaceX spent more than two-and-a-half hours Thursday night talking to podcast host Joe Rogan about what it's like inside his head.
Consumer Reports Raises Concerns Over Tesla Model 3 BrakingLong emergency stopping distances, difficult-to-use controls and a harsh ride stopped Tesla's Model 3 electric car from getting a recommended buy rating from Consumer Reports.