Terry Foster Returns To 'Valenti And Foster' Show On TuesdayThe “Valenti and Foster” show airs weekdays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and can also be heard online at www.cbsdetroit.com and the Radio.com app.
Cast Your Vote On These Proposals From Valenti And FosterShould Matthew Stafford be extended and given the richest contract in NFL history by the Detroit Lions?
Valenti and Foster Poll: Should Mike Switch To The iPhone Since His Current Phone Might Catch On Fire [VIDEO]There is a chance that Mike's phone could burst into flames live on-air so you might want to watch the video stream of the show just in case this does happen.
Valenti And Foster Poll: Which Clown Is Creepier? [PHOTO]It's time for you to decide which clown is creepier?
Valenti And Foster Poll: Would You Rather Have Ausmus In The Dugout Or A Clown In Your BackyardWith the sudden rash of clown attacks all over the Detroit area, Valenti and Riger want to know a simple question.
Valenti And Foster Poll: Is Jim Caldwell The Most Hated Coach In Detroit History?"You go through Lions history, you look at some of the bad coaches, no one was universally hated."
Terry Foster Update: Full Recovery Expected After A Minor StrokeAnd the plan is rehab and to get me back on the air by Oct. 3.
Lions Picked For Last Place; Mike Valenti Doesn't Agree, Blames Stafford [VIDEO]"The bottom line is I don't think it matters it's how he plays, there's no way they go 4-12, I just don't see them being that bad," Mike Valenti said.
Terry Foster: Something Was Missing From The DNCThe Democrats only got it partially right.
Terry Foster: Believe It Or Not, Yzerman Wasn't Voted Top 5 Red WingDon’t get mad at me that Steve Yzerman was not ranked the top Red Wing. Blame the voters.
Terry Foster: Who's Got It Better Than Michigan? A Lot Of TeamsActually, Alabama, Michigan State and Ohio State have it better than Michigan, but this video and all the wacky things Harbaugh does is going to change that.