UM's New Drug Could Be Cancer BlockbusterResearchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new drug now in clinical trials that has potential to treat multiple types of cancer with few side effects.
Talking On Cell Phone Might Actually Spark Interaction With StrangersTalking or texting on a cell phone in public might seem off-putting to people nearby, but a new study suggests that using mobile devices may actually help spark conversations with strangers, according to a new University of Michigan study.
New Flourescent OLEDs Offer Greater EfficienciesUniversity of Michigan engineering researchers have designed an exceptionally efficient fluorescent blue OLED, or organic light emitting diode.
UM Research Finds Climate Change Debate As Much Cultural As ScientificWhile debate on climate change often strikes a caustic tone, the real impediment to meaningful dialogue is that the two sides often talk past each other in what amounts to a "logic schism," says a University of Michigan researcher.
UM Researchers Connect Specific Protein To Head, Neck Cancers
UM Finds More Trust In 'Climate Change' Vs. 'Global Warming'Many Americans are skeptical about whether the world's weather is changing, but apparently the degree of skepticism varies systematically depending on what that change is called. According to a University of Michigan study published in the forthcoming issue of Public Opinion Quarterly, more people believe in "climate change" than in "global warming."
UM: Silk Moth's Antenna Inspries New Nanotech ToolBy mimicking the structure of the silk moth's antenna, University of Michigan researchers led the development of a better nanopore -- a tiny tunnel-shaped tool that could advance understanding of a class of neurodegenerative diseases that includes Alzheimer's.
Study Finds Brain Activation Pattern In Those Who Quit SmokingPeople who demonstrated a stronger brain response to certain brain regions when receiving individually tailored smoking cessation messages were more likely to quit smoking four months later, a new University of Michigan study finds.
UM Study: Americans Less Willing Than Canadians To Pay For Clean PowerAmericans are less willing to open their wallets to pay for increased production of renewable energy resources than Canadians, a new University of Michigan report indicates.
UM Study Finds Automakers Manipulating Fuel EconomyWith the recent announcement that the U.S. government will propose new fuel economy standards this fall, a University of Michigan study shows that automakers fine-tune vehicle fuel economy to qualify for more favorable treatment.
UM Study: People Want Personal Results From Genetic ResearchThe majority of people from a genetic study opted to be told whether they carried a cancer-causing gene mutation, and the knowledge did not cause emotional distress or change their health behaviors, a new study from the University of Michigan shows.
UM Researchers Usher In Millimeter-Scale ComputersA prototype implantable eye pressure monitor for glaucoma patients is believed to contain the first complete millimeter-scale computing system. And a compact radio that needs no tuning to find the right frequency could be a key enabler to organizing millimeter-scale systems into wireless sensor networks.
UM Research: Plants That Move Inspire New Adaptive StructuresThe Mimosa plant, which folds its leaves when they're touched, is inspiring a new class of adaptive structures designed to twist, bend, stiffen and even heal themselves. University of Michigan researchers are leading their development.
US Public Knowledge Of Science: Getting Better, But Long Way To GoAmid concerns about the lagging math and science performance of American children, American adults are actually scoring higher than they did 20 years ago on a widely used index of civic scientific literacy, according to a University of Michigan researcher.
UM Finds New Class Of Light Emitting MaterialPure organic compounds that glow in jewel tones could potentially lead to cheaper, more efficient and flexible display screens, among other applications.