Flint Water Settlement Borrowing Plan Approved By LawmakersThe legislation received House approval on 105-3 and 104-4 votes and will be signed by Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.
City Of Detroit To Continue Moratorium On Water ShutoffsThe city of Detroit is extending a moratorium that stops water shutoffs for people unable to pay their water bills.
More Than 2 Years In The Making, $600M Flint Water Deal A Step Toward Making Amends"Flint residents have endured more than most, and to draw out the legal back-and-forth even longer would have achieved nothing but continued hardship"
City Of Detroit Announces COVID-19 Water Restart PlanFor the first 30 days the State of Michigan will cover costs and after 30 days for only $25 a month, customers without water can have it restored.
Flint’s Water Remains Stable, Continues To Meet Federal And New Stricter State StandardsThe Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy announced Wednesday that the city of Flint’s water system has met state and federal standards for three years in a row and is also meeting the new stricter testing rules Michigan announced last year.
Which Drink Is Best For Hydration? Hint: It Isn't WaterWhen you're thirsty and in need of a drink, which beverages are best at keeping you hydrated?
Cases of Water Found in an Abandoned Church in FlintCases of water were found inside an abandoned school in Flint and documented by an Urban explorer from the area.
Michigan Releases Results Of Water Tests For PFAS ChemicalsMore than 60 drinking water systems in Michigan sampled last year had measurable levels of a class of long-lasting and highly toxic chemicals linked to cancer.
Michigan Standard For Protecting Drinking Water May Not Be Strong EnoughMichigan may need stronger standards for toxins based on new reports. 
Michigan Agencies Are Helping Schools Check For Lead In PlumbingMichigan agencies are offering to help schools check their plumbing for lead.
High Lead And Copper Levels Found At 57 Detroit Public SchoolsThe Detroit Public Schools says elevated levels of lead or copper have been found in water fixtures at 57 of 86 schools tested so far.