Between photo shoots and overseeing their two boutiques, the fashionistas from Ray-Ann’s Wardrobe, Renee Yacoub and Ann-Marie George, were able to take some time to share their techniques for distressing jeans. Both are fashion lovers and addicted to vintage style. The two best friends followed their dreams and opened their clothing boutique in the summer of 2012. Since then, the stylish pair have opened a second location, which carries high-end vintage fashion and designer items. Their instructions show that anyone can achieve this on-trend look by following their expert tips. Check out the different ways to infuse some style into your wardrobe by experimenting with the ideas below.

Courtesy of Renee Yacoub and Ann-Marie George

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With the much-anticipated warm weather around the corner, it’s guaranteed that distressed jeans will be flooding all of our favorite clothing store shelves. But why spend retail prices for something you can do yourself for so much cheaper?

Tip 1: Select your jeans

Use an old pair that you no longer want, buy a pair from a thrift store or if you want a high-waist look, check out a local vintage shop. Really any fit works, but opt for something that’s not too tight – thicker material (like a Levi jean) works best. Just make sure it’s a pair you’re willing to part with in case things don’t go as planned.

Tip 2: Snip snip

Put your jeans on and mark exactly where you want the hole(s) – the knee area is typical, but mid-thigh is also common. You can do just one leg or both (be sure to do this step with your jeans on so the hole is in the perfect spot). Now take off your jeans and cut from one end of the mark to the next, like a line. Keep in mind that the hole(s) will get larger with washes so be cautious of not making them too big.

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Tip 3: Sand away

Use a sandpaper block to rough up the hole(s) you cut out. This will give it that shredded look we all love. You can sandpaper other parts of the jeans as well to enhance the distressed look (like mid-thigh and just under the pockets).

Tip 4: Bleach

This step is optional. If you want your jeans to look older, bleaching does the trick. Put on gloves to protect your hands and dip a sponge in just a little bleach. Then, lightly dab the sponge around the hole(s) to get an authentic distressed look.

Tip 5: Wash and wear

Once your jeans are cut, sanded and bleached, give them a wash. Now you’re ready to rock your ‘original’ distressed jeans and guaranteed that no one else will have the same pair.

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