From feature-length films to network and cable TV shows, Detroit is and has been home to many stars. Learn more about some of the more popular actors and actresses with ties to the Motor City.

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Bruce Campbell

Born in Detroit, MI

If you’re not a fan of Campbell, I don’t want to know you. Who else could have portrayed Ash so perfectly in the Evil Dead franchise? Campbell is awesome in Burn Notice, too.

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Judy Greer

Born in Detroit, MI

Her resume is a laundry list of great sitcom appearances including The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and 10 episodes of Arrested Development as Kitty Sanchez, George Sr.’s quirky assistant. Greer is also known for her role in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village.

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Tom Sizemore

Born in Detroit, MI

The memorable tough-guy has been in some of the best action films of all time, with roles in Saving Private Ryan, True Romance, Heat, and Blackhawk Down.

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Kristen Bell

Born in Detroit, MI

The star of Veronica Mars was raised in Royal Oak, was great in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, as well as a few appearances in TV series like Party Down and Deadwood.

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Tom Selleck

Born in Detroit, MI

The mustache, man. Do you really need another reason? Here are a couple including; Magnum P.I., Blue Bloods and the popular Jesse Stone TV movie franchise.

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Jeff Daniels

Hometown – Chelsea, MI

I could mention films like Pleasantville, Terms of Endearment, Something Wild, or The Squid and The Whale. But really, who doesn’t think of the bathroom scene in Dumb & Dumber when this Chelsea native’s name is mentioned?

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