Detroit has an abundance of wonderful shelters that rescue various types of animals. Pets from shelters make loving, appreciative pets that will soon become part of the family. Adopting an animal from a shelter is inexpensive and experts from the facilities are more than happy to share their knowledge with potential owners about what breed will best suit your lifestyle. The list complied below is only a small sampling of the excellent shelters that help save the lives of pets throughout the city. There are many worthwhile organizations in Detroit that are making a difference in the lives of animals.

Detroit Center For Animal Care
Michigan Humane Society
7401 Chrysler Drive
Detroit, MI 48211
(313) 872-0004

Any branch of the Humane Society has a highly trained staff, wonderful volunteers and a bevy of animals waiting to be adopted into a loving home. The Detroit Center for Animal Care is part of this amazing organization. It offers guidance and assists those seeking a pet with making responsible choices that are best for everyone involved, especially the animal. This animal care center uses its expertise to match up the pet’s needs with an owner that has a personality that fits the breed or temperament of a particular animal. Whether looking for a bunny, a bird, cat or dog, the Detroit Center for Animal Care offers extensive services for pet owners and people looking for a companion.

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Oakland County Animal Control And Pet Adoption Center
1700 Brown Road
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
(248) 391-4100

The Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center has 10 adoption outreach centers that have a tremendous amount of animals that have been placed up for adoption. This facility cares for approximately 5,000 animals annually, and has a revered “save rate” across the entire state. Help this organization place even more pets into caring homes by choosing a location from the website to see available pets, then visit the animal on location to see if there is a personality match. This adoption center also features a pet finder section online where you can search for pets who are in need of a home.

Motor City Greyhound Rescue
P.O. Box 14721
Detroit, MI 48214
(855) 624-7397

Greyhounds are a special breed that require a specific type of person to care for them. This site provides potential greyhound owners with a ton of helpful information, including what to expect from the breed, the story behind dog racing and different ways to support the canines. The site showcases dogs that are in foster care and need to be placed into a permanent home, with an application conveniently included online. There is also a great section on the site that features greyhounds that have found their way into the hearts of local residents, aptly named “Happy Tails.”

Detroit Dog Rescue
19500 Harper Ave.
Harper Woods, MI 48225
(313) 458-8014

Detroit Dog Rescue is an organization that helps collect the massive amount of strays found by authorities throughout the city. This non-profit currently uses the support of local facilities such as veterinary clinics, animal boarding facilities and foster homes to house the dogs until they can be adopted into a permanent home. The website features dogs available for adoption and has an application available online.

City Of Detroit Animal Control
3511 W. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 224-6356

The city of Detroit has a pet adoption program. This organization pairs residents who are looking to add a pet to their family with a match that will complement their dynamic. Discover a pet using the online search and then visit the animal in person. The city has an abundance of wonderful pets that are in dire need of placement into a caring environment. Bring the pet home and add years of happy memories to your life. The center specializes in rescuing dogs and cats that have been abandoned, abused, found wandering the city streets or surrendered willingly by a previous owner.

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