Experiencing food isn’t just about the food. It’s about the whole experience. Think about these things when going for a nice dinner: Is the restaurant nice? Is the host or hostess helpful? Are the waiters and waitresses respectful and on top of serving the right orders? Does the food look presentable? Is the food enjoyable? And do you have good company and entertainment for the evening? All of these things create an atmosphere for a wonderful evening. Now, where do you go for such a marvelous evening where they serve only the best prime rib in town?
Mr. Paul’s Chop House
29850 Groesbeck Highway
Roseville, MI 48066
(586) 777-7770

Are you looking for special holiday reservations? Do you have someone that you need to impress? This is the #1 restaurant to bring someone. The setting is dark, but beautifully lit. The candles on the table give a little bit of a romantic feeling. The chef takes pride in the food that is prepared. Every dish is the chef’s special recipe- including the prime rib. Beef is the specialty. But in case someone isn’t a beef fan, there are plenty of other options. Order a glass of red wine and have a fabulous meal. The prime rib is perfectly prepared; it practically melts in your mouth. Everything about this restaurant makes it the #1 choice.

London Chop House
155 W. Congress St.
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 962-0277

The London Chop House has been in business since 1938. They cater to the wealthy; therefore, expect the finest dinner. With years of experience, their perfect meal involves anything with aged beef. Whether getting steak or prime rib, London Chop House knows how to prepare beef. In fact, they recommend getting both beef and seafood. The setting is intimate. Whether bringing someone on a date or having a serious business meeting, this is a great choice for impressing your most important guests over a glass of wine and a marvelous meal.

The Clawson Steakhouse
56 Rochester Road S.
Clawson, MI 48017
(248) 588-5788

The Clawson Steakhouse is a perfect setting for any special occasion. The restaurant is brightly lit, and the hostess and servers are happy to serve you. It is the chef’s goal to make sure you enjoy each bite. Are you looking for filet mignon or prime rib? If so, this is a great place to wine and dine. Each bite of meat is tender and juicy, and it is cooked to perfection. After eating dinner and enjoying a beverage, take some time to dance with your significant other. Wednesday through Saturday evenings, there is live entertainment and dancing. Have a wonderful time dining, drinking and twirling at this steakhouse.

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1128 Washington Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 961-2500

The Roast is the perfect setting to make a reservations, dress up and enjoy a fine evening. Start with a margarita. Order an appetizer. Enjoy a delightful meal. Any dish with beef is impeccable. In fact, they were named Steakhouse of the Year in 2009 by the Detroit Magazine. Prime rib, short rib, filet mignon, New York strip: it doesn’t matter what you order. It will be worth the wait when the chef prepares your meal. The prime rib is served on a bed of potatoes. Every bite will be delicious, and you will be full when leaving. Enjoy the setting, and if you are lucky enough, you can sit by the window and look out over the Detroit River.

Redsmoke Barbeque
573 Monroe St.
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 962-2100

Are you looking for an all-around good time? Redsmoke Barbeque provides the scene you are looking for with good conversation, good drinks, good food and an overall great experience. Whether ordering a rib or steak, it is cooked in the finest way. Especially when adding a side of their special sauce, there is so much flavor in the meal. With Redsmoke Barbeque, you can either order online or eat in the restaurant. Here, the workers accommodate your schedule with great food. The taste of beef will most definitely be appreciated here.

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