(credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Image, File)

(credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Image, File)

When there are more job candidates than there are jobs, it’s difficult to even get a lead on a position, much less an interview. A successful job search requires not only the right skills, the right résumé and the right cover letter, but at times it also seems to require the right alignment of the planets. These Detroit-area resources provide job seekers with the help they need to find opportunities, present themselves to their best advantage and increase their chances of landing the job.

Detroit Recruiter

The Detroit Recruiter website offers job seekers the range of a national job board, with the focus of local newspaper classifieds. Employers can, for a fee, list jobs on the website and search the site’s résumé database. Candidates can post their profiles and résumés for free, and can search and apply for jobs. The search engine can filter jobs based on distance from the city, ranging from five to 250 miles. Recruiter websites for other Metro Detroit cities, such as Westland, Canton or Farmington Hills, can help job seekers narrow down their search even further.

LIFT Women’s Resource Center
16180 Meyers Road
Detroit, MI  48235
(313) 345-9065

Founded in 1992, the LIFT Center works with women who are living in domestic abuse or homeless shelters, or those undergoing substance abuse rehabilitation. The Positive Change Project, as the LIFT programs are known, empowers women to take control of their lives and become contributing members to their families, their jobs and society as a whole. Job search and résumé assistance are offered, along with information on money management and decision-making skills. The program also includes sessions on hygiene, avoiding relapse and personal responsibility. Support groups allow women to support each other at various stages on their journey to self-sufficiency, and mentoring can help an individual stay on course.

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Michigan Works!
Dearborn Service Center
6451 Schaefer Road, Second Floor
Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 945-8380

Michigan Works! is the nation’s first unified workforce development system, providing services to both employers and job seekers to help match skilled workers to satisfying careers. With over 100 service centers in the state, Michigan Works! coordinates with other agencies and community resources to provide job seekers with the necessary information, skills and assistance to obtain gainful employment. Along with information and leads on available jobs, the centers assist with writing and reviewing résumés and cover letters, assess skills and career potential and provide information on special services such as occupational training and financial aid. Workshops addressing a variety of job search and employment-related topics are held throughout the year.

Operation ABLE of Michigan
4750 Woodward Ave., Suite 201
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 832-0922

The programs at Operation ABLE are geared toward middle-aged and older workers, both those who are seeking employment and those who want to remain employable. Workshops and seminars teach and develop job skills, or provide a plan for finding a job. The organization’s annual job fair connects employers with qualified candidates and potential candidates. Certification courses are available in computers and office administration. Additional services, such as individual counseling, skills assessment and a mock interview, are also available. Most programs are fee-based, but the fee depends on the service and the worker’s current situation.

Pure Michigan Talent Connect
300 N. Washington Square
Lansing, MI  48913
(888) 522-0103

Formerly known as the Michigan Talent Bank, the Pure Michigan Talent Connect was revitalized as a “launch pad” for job seekers, job changers and employers. The Connect functions as a full-service job board, allowing potential employees to post their information and résumé and to search for jobs based on detailed criteria. Going far beyond a job search site, however, the Connect includes a wide range of resources for job seekers and those in specialized situations, such as veterans or those who were part of mass layoffs. Information is also available on mentoring, entrepreneurship and navigating the state’s unemployment system. A section on career exploration provides tools to find a job based on a specific skill set, assess and develop existing skills and calculate how much it would cost and how long it would take to pursue a specific career.

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