There is a lot of Detroit to see out there. The Motor City is made up of nearly 143 square miles altogether. One of the big advantages of having a large city like Detroit is having a mixture of different types of land to explore. From the urban core of Detroit’s downtown to the outer rim with its rural and natural setting, there is a lot to see in Detroit. One of the best ways to do that is to explore the city’s many parks and recreation areas.
Detroit Parks & Recreation Department
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Detroit’s Parks & Recreation Department has long been developing the city’s many public areas for residents to use and enjoy. Many new parks have opened up in recent years, and Detroiters from all over the Metro area are once again flocking to the parks and rec areas to take advantage of all the great things they have to offer. Plus, many of the parks can be used for all kinds of family activities. Here are some of the coolest ways to utilize the Motown parks in your neighborhood.

One of the lovely parks in Detroit. (Photo Credit: Michael Ferro)

One of the lovely parks in Detroit. (Photo Credit: Michael Ferro)

Take A Bus To The Park

Announced in early 2016, the Detroit Parks & Recreation Department will now benefit from an added 24-hour bus line service and extended bus coverage throughout the city of Detroit. So no matter when or where you are in the city, odds are officials are working to get bus service to your area, which will include transportation to your nearest park, letting you and your family enjoy the benefits of city parks.

Play Some Basketball

Recently, the Detroit Pistons announced a donation of over $300,000 to the city of Detroit and their Police Athletic League (PAL) to help support over 2,100 young people in their pursuit of playing basketball. The donation will allow children to use the parks system and either practice basketball to help achieve their dreams of success down the line or just let family and friends get together for a game of hoops. Either way, it’s time to get back out to the parks and play one of Detroit’s favorite sports.

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Yoga In Detroit Parks

One of the most popular forms of exercise and cutting loose these days is yoga, which many young people have taken to. The Detroit Parks & Recreation Department has noticed this and has even started holding yoga classes and sessions in many of the city’s parks! The Patton Recreation Center, Farwell Recreation Center and the Adams/Butzel Complex are all taking part in the new yoga initiatives, but other parks and rec centers are planning to join in on the fun too. Please check their latest postings on their website for updated information on when the next yoga class will be taking place near you.

Swimming With Family And Friends

Let’s face it; hot or cold, good or bad weather, Detroiters love to swim! But because of long winters and unpredictable Detroit weather, it’s not always possible to swim when you want to, and owning your own pool is expensive. Many of Detroit’s public recreation centers have indoor and outdoor pools available for use in all kinds of weather and seasons! Families can register online and enjoy everything else the parks and rec system has to offer too. An entire list of their activities and information about the city’s many pools is available online as well.

Register Yourself For Many City Needs

The Detroit Parks & Recreation Department website has so many great features, from applying for licenses and permits to looking through archives, youth program offerings and finding voter information. The website has been greatly improved for ease of use and clarity, and many of the registration forms can be done right from home on your computer. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the city’s great Parks & Recreation Department website, please do so soon to find something that will interest you!

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Michael Ferro is freelance writer and a graduate of Michigan State University where he majored in Creative Writing and received the Jim Cash Creative Writing Award. Born and bred in Detroit, he currently resides in Ypsilanti Township. Additional writing can be found at